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Perez Hilton To Star In 'Gay Dads Of New York' Reality Series

Perez Hilton is headed to your TV! Or he will be if a network picks up his new reality series, which will center around Hilton and group of gay dads in New York City. 

Hilton's joining forces with Bunim/Murray Productions (The Real WorldKeeping Up With the Kardashians) for Gay Dads of New York according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR writes:

The project, which is currently casting and has yet to be taken out to networks, will follow single father Hilton -- who welcomed his first son in February via surrogate -- and a group of gay dads both single and married as they support each other through the ups and downs of raising children.

Speaking on the show, Hilton tells THR:

"What is your typical American family like? These days, it looks a lot like mine! I am honored and excited to bring to television a show that will be filled with love, humor and drama. What will it not be? Trashy or boring! I am thrilled to have partnered with the leaders and innovators of reality television, Bunim/Murray, to create a program that is compelling and real,” Hilton said. “Up until now people know me more for my opinions than who I am. This show will give viewers the opportunity to get to know the 'real' Perez Hilton and my family, as well as some other really dynamic gay dads, and the women that make up their support system. I am a recent transplant to New York City, looking for friends and open to -- hopefully -- love. To new beginnings and this exciting new venture!"  

Bunim/Murray chairman Jonathan Murray continues, saying:

“I immediately responded to the Gay Dads of New York concept because my partner and I were part of one of the first gay dads support groups in Los Angeles back in 1998. Whether it's a single dad like Perez, or married gay dads, becoming a gay parent affects your relationships with family and friends, all of which will make fascinating stories.”

What do you think, Instincters? Will you tune in for Perez Hilton and the other Gay Dads of New York?

Also, if you're a gay dad in New York that's interested in being a part of the show, head here for casting info!


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Perez is a true BEAST!! I can not imagine that any living being would be remotely attracted to him. I am tempted to refer to him as IT. He looks even worse now that he has lost weight. That face! What a FREAK!

I'm but that might just be the dumbest damn thing someone could do for him...he is a total embarrassment to the community and thought it would be cute to give that fool a child.

Perez Hilton is fugly.  NO ONE wants to watch fugly people on TV.  I don't care how nice they are now.  Fugly.

Not even remotely EriKa. He made his money by being a tragic bitch who slanders everyone in his path. The fact that someone let him become a father is disgusting and they need to be thrown in jail for child endangerment!

He's a self made millionaire and now a gay day.  He made his mistakes along the way but just like everyone else, he deserves to be allowed to change and mature.   You guys are disappointing in hating on something you haven't seen and someone you've probably never met. 

If he really wanted to change he would stop being such a disgusting bitch to others. Too bad you're the only one speaking up for him.

HELL NO I wouldn't watch that show simply bc of him... He has been an embarrassment to the gay community... Just wish he go away and live his life quietly. We as a community trying to gain support don't need some self centered stereotype queer like him out there... Please don't put him on anything else... No one likes him in the community.... 

 No he's an embarrassment to the gay community.

I wouldn't give him the fart out of my behind. I think the way he makes his name famous is despicable.

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