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Primal Instinct: Out Model/Actor Chris Salvatore Cools Down With A Hose

It only heats the summertime warmth up for us, but at least openly gay model/actor Chris Salvatore is getting some relief from the Dog Days. Photographer Gabriel Gastelum shot Chris for his latest gaylebrity series (he's also photographed the likes of Colby Melvin and Brandon  Brown) on a particularly sultry L.A. day. "It was a really hot Los Angeles day (during the middle of a heatwave),” Gastelum writes on his Facebook page. 

Yep. The hotness really shows in these pics. 

(h/t: Queerty; Images: Gabrial Gastelum)



Hello!? You had me at "his hose"... or was it with "a hose"?

Chris is so cute. I've seen him in "Eating out"

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