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Britney Spears May Retire After Vegas Residency

Britney stans prepare yourselves...the Pop Princess may soon be abdicating her throne. 

Britney spoke with Mario Lopez about her Las Vegas residency and she dropped quite the bombshell.

Extra reports:

The "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer said after her two-year stint at Planet Hollywood, with a total of 96 shows, she may retire. "I might, who knows… I may have two more kids and get married… I'd like to have more kids."  

Pop music without Brit Brit?? Say it ain't so!!

That being said, two years from now she'll have been in the game for 17 years. She will have more than earned a life away from the spotlight. 

What do you think about Britney's potential retirement, Instincters? 

Think after Vegas she should just enjoy being a mom or do we want more from Ms. Spears? Will you be ready to say goodbye?




It's about time. Her music sucks now. 

All of these has been artists end up doing Vegas as a last, pitiful attempt to keep their career up.

Nobody cares about the white trash hussey.

I don't know.  Brit seems ditzy enough to mean it.

Shes saying that to boost ticket sales. Look how many times Cher has said that on her world tours. 

We all know, none of them ("celebrities"), truly stay retired for long. 

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