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"Cub Camp" 2014 Calendar Will Have You Going "Woof!"

The plethora of 2014 calendars featuring men in various states of undress gets another one of its niches filled with Cub Camp's entry into the field. 

If you wanna see cubs in the wild (courtesy of photographer Bradley Roberge), take a look at Cub Camp's teaser images below (slightly NSFW), then head here for the $20 calendar which benefits the Will Munro Fund for Queer & Trans Youth Living with Cancer. Woof! 


Great lumbersexual style, like it a lot

you should check out Alfredo Roagui´s calendar!... its so good!

these are a bunch of guys who've decided to jump onto the "cub" trend. they grow out their facial/body hair a bit and viola they're cubs. i'm sure a few years ago they were shaved smooth with plucked eyebrows fangirling over the latest cher remix at a dragbar. it's appropriation as fashion. who knows what new look they'll be sporting come spring? lame.

Skinny bitches taking terms that aren't theirs. These are all otters bro not cubs, cubs keep you warm not rub bones together. Nice try.

By definition these guys are otters not cubs

So a skinny dude with a lil bit of fur is now considered a cub...?

Where can I buy a calendar?

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