Server Accused Of Hoaxing Homophobic Restaurant Receipt Suspended From Job

Dayna Morales, the openly gay former U.S. Marine and waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro in New Jersey, has been suspended from her serving position as the restaurant looks into the truth behind the receipt seen around the world. 

APP reports:

A waitress who alleged that one of her customers wrote an anti-gay message on a receipt has been suspended from her job pending the completion of an investigation into the incident.

On Friday, Gallop Asian Bistro posted on its Facebook page that waitress Dayna Morales “is currently not on our employee schedule while (we) are still working to complete our investigation.”

A spokesman for the Route 202 restaurant said Tuesday morning that the investigation should be completed “very soon.”

Dayna was also dishonorably discharged, as reported on Monday, though a Pentagon source informed WNBC the decision was made due to Dayna missing drills.



Suspended?! This fat, worthless spec of nothing should be terminated and banned from employee of any restaurant.

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