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Russia's Neo-Nazi Group Strikes Again, Tortures Gay South African Student In Public Video

"Occupy Pedophilia," the anti-gay supremacist group that posts fake profiles on social networks to lure gay men into traps, has struck again. This time around, the hate group tricked 20-year old South African student David Smith into a violent, disgusting and demoralizing situation by posing as a 15-year old gay teen in the border city of Belgorod. 

As one member of the anti-gay militia films, other attackers shave a strip of David's hair, smash water melon chunks in his face, make him fellate a beer bottle,repeatedly strike him and force him to say racial epithets (plus much more).

David was reportedly expelled from his university after the neo-Nazi group uploaded the video to the popular social network 

Warning: Graphic content in the video



(h/t: BuzzFeed)


we are trying to find a boy who got bullied and harassed by russian teens in a video on the internet. 
somebody knows the victim ? 
maybe we can help.

Hope the non-human blood thirsty parasites Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Brian Brown, Linda Harpy - I mean Harvey, and Scott Deadly - I mean "Lively" are happy that this is what they support. What am I saying? Of course they are, they would prefer to be doing it themselves but pesky American laws get in their way.

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