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Newest Fashion Trend For Men: Gym Shorts Cocktail Dress?

Move over pics of Miley twerking; gym shorts fashioned into a cocktail dress a la a brilliant RuPaul's Drag Race challenge is this week's major meme! 

The newest meme took off on Sunday night after Redditor citizenshame posted the idea to r/funny along with the caption, "I just had to explain to my wife that the reason I ripped my new shorts was being I was trying to turn them into a dress." And with that an Internet sensation was born, with hundreds of thousands of likes and shares as well as hundreds of copycats all across the web. 

Here are some of the best so far.

But the #WINNER of the week is this dude, who owns the Project Runway challenge with a color blocked couture kimono. 

Who's your fave?

(Via DailyDot)


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nasty joke.


Orange!!!!  All the way

Why is this a thing??? Stupid.


Blue with the Shades, Green with no Head, and the double red/blue there gtrat

Lol. Dude in blue rocks that frock.


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