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Wanna Poop Gold Glitter? There's Now A Pill For That!

Wanna poop gold 24 karat-gold glitter? Of course that's a redundant question!

One of the biggest dreams of certain gay men and straight women everywhere has finally come true. Nope, it's not a cure for cancer or AIDS or Alzheimers; it's a tiny little breakthrough that allows a person to literally shit gold glitter. 

After swallowing one of the pills (which were retailing, for real, for $450 a pop, though now temporarily unavailable), the consumer's stools will soon resemble King Tut's tomb for an unmentioned amount of time. 

A few questions arise with this breakthrough in technology:

Will the ideal consumer for this product be showing off their valuable BM to others? Or will they merely bask in the radiance of their extravagance in private? Will the gold glitter pills usher in a new era of panning for gold, this time around based in the sewer systems? 

Until this pill also makes my shit smell like roses, I think I'm out.

If money were not a concern, would you take this capsule?

(Via Incredible Things)


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..i think what you meant to say was..  these aren't 'stool' available... 

Who gives a shit???  I'm there are more interesting subjects to write aboit.

These actually aren't "still available". Tobias Wong the designer committed suicide. Please remove this story 

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