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'F*ck You, Mistletoe' Highlights The Perils Of Mistletoe For Straight Men

Looks like we'll have to stock up on mistletoe this year! We didn't realize people felt such a strong obligation to keep the traditions of the holiday decoration. (Though if Tom Daley happened to be standing under it...)

Even two apparently straight men can't help themselves when confronted with the power of the almighty mistletoe. 

Check out this country tune from comedian Kyle Dunnigan's Christmas album regaling the perils of being two straight men caught under the mistletoe.

"F*ck You, Mistletoe":


Image Source (H/T: HuffPo)


@chickenhawk lmao.

I don't get that pic.  Are we supposed to A) kiss Tom Daley, or B) lick his pit?  Do we get a choice?  (I choose B). 

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