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James Franco's (NSFW) Take On '50 Shades Of Batman & Robin'

Wow. It's James Franco so it certainly takes a lot to surprise us, but in this case he's left us speechless. (Almost.)

Franco's no stranger to homoerotic tension and this time he's amped it way up with his Instagram depiction of what he's calling "50 Shades of Batman and Robin."

The Caped Crusaders meet S&M fantasy? Not a completely shocking conceit, but we didn't expect Franco to execute it quite this way....



We guess Robin found some sort of...release.

What's your take on Franco's latest "artistic" endeavor?

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Well! I do declare.............he hot, he a mighty fine piece of ass!

i would date hime in a heart beat. very hot!


He used to be so pretty! No he is so old and ugly!

Yeah shud up're only jealous, cos he's cute and you are a big fat HAS BEEN!

Do you ever have anything nice to say at all? If not, please, keep your comments to yourself. 

I wonder if that is his own shot on his head or if he had some help. :)

Nice one James i think that was a cool idea

Nice one James i think that was a cool idea it! Way to go James!

All I can say is.... HOT!! I wish I was Robin and he were Batman. Lol. 

James can do no wrong in my book!

James Franco . . has always been the love of my life ..  Just wish he would finally admit to himself and other's that he's really gay .. or bi atleast. .

Franco admits in an interview that he admires and loves gays and really wish he was gay himself. He's fascinated with our lifestyles, our culture, and our hearts. Doesn't mean he is gay. There's a difference between kissing a man onscreen and then taking a dick in the bedroom.

his harness is on backwards

Free, creative, expressive, original, boundless, and a thousand more words like these still don't capture the mind of James Franco...  Thank you James.

yes oh yes its time James Franco comes out once for all. I used to think he was a friend of the family. Now I believe he is family! Welcome home son.

oh god!! i love i'm!!

Next time James show us your d...k! lol

Wow - just wow.

I think he is about to come out with some kind of message about his true self.

At least this boy cannot wait.

His hottest yet.

LOL! I just love James. :)

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