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Audra McDonald Responds Perfectly To Racist Tweeter Following 'Sound Of Music' Success

Oh hell no. 

Don't come for Queen Audra McDonald, the five time Tony winner who was arguably the best part of NBC's The Sound of Music Live!

Following the live musical event's huge success to the tune of 18.6 million viewers, a racist tweeter sent Audra this tweet:

Audra (Godra??) is too classy to let her feathers get ruffled.

We know imbecilic comments like this should come as no surprise, but it's 2013, folks!

Way to handle it, Audra!


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thanks for this nice post 

Not only is Audra McDonald one of the most amazingly talented singers on Broadway, she is also stunningly beautiful.  It's extremely sad that there are still people in this country, or anywhere on this planet, that would make such an idiotic statement ... and believe it.  Way to go Audra on maintaining your dignity and self-respect in the face of sheer stupidity.

The painful thing is it got over 200 re-tweets!

Painful, yes. But it reflects the sentiments of many in our society. I'd rather the evil among us to be evident than hidden. Good people need to know what we must fight.

i couldnt see the color of her skin,  her talent was that bright

I know this may be meant as a compliment but saying you "don't see her skin color" is almost as  bad as the comment about not watching the show because of her color. We don't ask that you not see our color, rather that you see it and our color doesn't matter to you or affect your opinion of us as a person or people. Her color is a part of her, so saying you don't see it is almost as if you don't want to know her name. Her color isn't a flaw that she wishes to be overlooked, it is a quality that is hoped to be accepted. 

Just about everything Audra does is perfect.  We are with you all the way on this one, Audra.

Yep. And now that Twitter account has been suspended. Serves him right.

Wow, seriously this actress is one of the most talented performers out there.  It floors me how ignorant people are. I too have met her before and she is one of the kindest most humbe performers out there.  Audra deserved every Tony she won and the Sound Of Music was lucky to have her as a part of their cast. Personally I would even love to see her as Maria.

They don;t come better than Audra. BTW, there are black nuns??? Stupidity and racist remarks are everywhere too, but they come from people who give human beings and even animals a bad rap. Go to hell! We love you, Audra, You make Fresno proud!

Good for her. I thought she was fantastic. And screw that racist asshole and even the ones who retweeted and favored  it. I mean the nerve of some people. Grow the hell up and deal with it. Hope this (expletive deleted) gets his butt whooped for that comment. He deserves just that. And Audra if you read this, just wanna tell you my family and I enjoyed watching you and listening to your angelic voice. Look forward to hear more from you. Take care. 

Her name is Audra, and she is giant.

I bet those racist hillbillies believed Carrie Underwood was the best part of that boring assed live production. Well she wasn't. Audra was damnit.

Except those same racist hillbillies are the same ones who attacked Carrie Underwood for publicly voicing support for Marriage Equality.

She was indeed a highlight of an otherwise stiff and uncomfortable show. She was classy, funny, and more talented a singer than one person should be. Loved her.

I have had the pleasure of seeing here in Carousel and Ragtime as well as Master Class all on broadway...she deserved those Tony's. She is in a class by herself. And I had the privledge of running into here at an ATM after a performance of Carousel....I told her I was in the audience that night and she was pleased to make time to speak to me as I tried to come across as a polite fan and not an obnoxious one. She was gracious and had a great sense of humor. Love her forever.

Seriously sometimes I just am so embarrassed for people. Negros????? U go Audrey!

Great response.  It was a good way to shine light on the fact that there are still idiotic people out there and calling him out on his ignorance.

Tried to look at his profile, but oh ... it has been suspended by Twitter.  Yes!

*SNAP!* You go, Ms. Audra!!!

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