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Now That Gynecologists Can Treat Men, Meet The World's Hottest Gyno!!

With the news that gynecologists may soon be treating men (think rectal exams, anal cancer, etc.), we realized that the world's hottest gynecologist, Dr. Manuel Rico, is suddenly available to treat us!

Now sure, rectal exams are sensitive and invasive, and yes, Dr. Rico may live all the way in Chile, and yeah, he's only 24-years-old (so even knows if he's actually out of med school)--but we're pretty sure we've seen this porn movie and we know how this all ultimately works out. 

According to BuzzFeed women are waiting in line to be checked out by the good Dr. Rico.

Yep. We get it.

There's enough of Dr. Rico for all of us, ladies. 

We'll wait. 


Image Source (H/T: BuzzFeed via Queerty)


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cute face

This guy is gonna have to decide if he wants to walk runways in Milan or look at coochies all damn day. They both pay well I suppose.

Do not click on link above. Clearly not DR Feelgood. A lil self promoting Jordan. DO NOT BE FOOLED. LOL

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I have never liked the idea of calling my asshole a "man-pussy"....But if it gets me an "appointment" with him, I'm all for it. 

Just call it a "mangina".


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