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Adam Levine Is Waking Up Sexy In New KMart Ad

PEOPLE's "Sexiest Man Alive" Adam Levine gives us a peek at what we presume is his early morning routine in this new ad for KMart's Adam Levine Collection. 

While we assume he's skipped a few steps--a shower never hurt anybody--he's certainly playing up that effortlessly sexy angle. We wouldn't mind waking up to him.

Any volunteers to play house with Adam? (Hopefully with maid service?? Actually, definitely with maid service.)



I met this guy in person nearly 3 years ago and he was GROSS then, very hairy, body was scrawny with no definition, nice though. But does nice constitute this sort of attention?

You all need a reality check, in that make up, lighting etc. really makes most of these celebrities look WAY better than in real life.

@KevDobbinsBham Every comment that you write is negative.  That says more about you than the people you comment on.  #Bitter

I've wanted Adam Levine to be named sexiest man of the year for years. whether he has a beard, stubble or a shaved face he is so sexy.

I bloody love this!!

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