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"Hot Straight Shirtless Guy Twerking In A Vine Video" Of The Weekend

Straight guys twerking awkwardly on Vine is officially a thing (thanks for kicking off the meme, John Mangum), so we may as well enjoy the gratuitous six second videos on a weekly basis, don't you think?

This week's hottest half-naked bros twerking in a Vine video comes courtesy of Carson Hiner, who wastes a perfectly good strip-twerk-dance on someone who doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as many people we know would.


(h/t: Antitwink)


Great Video !!

grt.. guy..

Aahhh frat boys lol gotta luvem' one step away from GAAAAYYYYY lol :P

EEWWW! I bet that hole is crusty and rank in smell from his previous dump!

The one in the chair needs to get to a gym and tone up his mid section.

y? should he tone, his midsection, cuz it dont live up to your standards?

a) not twerking, just embarrassing. b) the guys other vines, as pointed out by another user can verge on embarrassing, racist and even homophobic - check "how to lie to your mom" - where he had his mom say "crying again, weren't you faggot" - so sweet. c) the guy sitting down is HOT, not so much the other guy (who's VINE it is).

How do we know they're straight? Please. 

if it was the guy sittin down twirkin id be in love with this un

And this is HOT! WHY?

thanks for giving me a semi ;-)


Clean your room!!! So tired of seeing dirty rooms ugh.. 

The TV watcher and the twerker have good senses of humor. However, I agree with "Anonymous December 9, 2013".

Take five minutes and clean your room dudes.

fight like a brave!

Not that it matters but yes, definitely straight.

Definitely an idiot.

Possibly a racist.

The guy sitting down should do some sit ups, as hes got a belly on him. Gross!

If thats a belly i wish i had one...

And me nothing wrong with his..

You think he has a belly?!?  I hope you're either kidding or trolling, because otherwise there is seriously something wrong with you.

He's sitting at an angle, you can see that his back isn't against the chair.  He's in excellent shape.

Really man? Pathetic comment and completely untrue.  Perhaps you like them malnourished but he doesn't have a "belly".

Completely agree with you...that guy sitting down is hot as hell!!!!!!!

def the hotter one of the 2

I second you. Would do him in a New York Minute.

Totally, I think he looks pretty damn awesome in just those boxer briefs.

We love to have both of the dance at our group action.

Straight or gay or bisexual, it doesn't really matter. 


Amen praise Jesus 

YEs girl yes!! Either way they can both bang my Cooter out!!!

LMFAO gross bro!

Dumb this even made it into rhe magazine. Desperate.

LOLOL you are so right.....however, it is kinda cute....and it ain't 'twerkin', and i did get a chuckle out of it, and I think it's funny the way the 'twerkin' guy almost touches the other guy's face with his butt, making the other guy jerk is head back. 

Ok, but sometimes, after reading the 'news' section of the magazine, don't you like some levity as provided by this video.......?

Believe it or not, I know straight guys that would do this. And yes, some of them are hot.

If he was actually twerking his booty would have snapped back and broke old boy's nose:  #DangersOfTwerk.

odd to me this is gay magazine

All of you really need to shut the fuck up. Seriously? Just because it is two guys in their underwear and fucking around you have to say, not straight? You all make me sick. Stay the fuck home, stay off the internet, and stop talking to anyone. You are all an embarrassment to the entire WORLD. As for you KevDobbins, you really need to... Someone just needs to punch you and get it over and done with. Assholes the entire lot of you.

What cave did this republican nutjob crawl out of? Probably never left a house, and never had anything with a "straight" guy. Just dreams of that "straight" cock she saw 60 years ago in high school.

Maybe that's the Twerkee

Exactly .. they shouldn't  analyze it to death  . Laugh !

Well said. Truth is, they ALL wish these lads were gay. Cheap fantasies at their worst!

eu te amor fala cam bonita sexy vida pode rsrsrss

O que você quis dizer com isso?

Bet that hole is still crusty from his most recent dump.

Not str8


Who says they are straight?? I really dought it! Two guys in their underwear in a bedroom, NOT STRAIGHT!! I ain't buying it!

ya....I AGREE!

Just like a man to keep playing his video game.

@Chaka Nawe, that's an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia poster. That's Danny Devito in the bottom right corner.

I would say not too str8

I don't know what THAT is but it's not twerking.

Straight..nawwww..come on!!

Hmm, let's break this down. I believe that is a Golden Girls poster on the top left. Next to the Red Hot Chili Peppers poster (with them completely naked and wearing socks on their cocks). Are we SURE these guys are straight?

Just, oh well just... Shut up. That is not Golden Girls for one thing.

It's an always sunny in Philadelphia poster 

Let's just say some of peoples comments on here , prove they are uncomfortable with their own sexuality !! And proving once again , a lot of you have a huge social disease .

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