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Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, Offered Porn Deal

No. Please no. 

Is disgraced, crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford heading to a porn (terrifyingly) near you??

He could be if he accepts the alleged offer from Vivid Entertainment!

TMZ reports: 

Crack-smokin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may not look like a sex god ... but at least two adult film companies want to turn the mayor into a porno superstud ... sources in the XXX biz tell TMZ. 

We've learned Vivid Entertainment is making an offer to Ford to star in his very own sex video.  Vivid star Brandy Aniston says she came up with the idea ... and wants to co-star in the flick because she thinks "He's kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way."

Apparently a spoof porn of Ford's exploits (with a Ford look-alike) has already been shot, but it appears Vivid is willing to shell out for the real dollars to get the embattled Mayor in front of the camera. 

Think he'll do it? And, honestly, would it really surprise you at this point? 

How much to get him NOT to?


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oh god no...ahhh...nooooooo. *bleaches mind*...

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