Tom Daley Shows His Fans Some Love In What May Be First Video With Dustin Lance Black

Eagle-eyed sleuths are highlighting this video (posted back in October) as proof of Tom Daley's alleged relationship with Dustin Lance Black.  

Beyond it possibly being the first video of the pair, all we can take away from it is how sweet Tom is with his fans!!

He seems like a sweetheart--and if that's DLB in the background, it looks like he's being really patient while Tom shows his supporters his appreciation!


Image Source (H/t: Greg In Hollywood)



Dustin Lance Black is one of the world's most beautiful men. Notoriously. Widely accepted fact. And he has an Oscar, among other distinguishing accomplishments. James Faranda, what do you have, besides a sad life as an Internet troll?

Nope. Look who shows up at around 19 seconds in the background of this video from this summer's World Championships at the beginning of August.!MgLwdab#mnpQcab

Dustin sort of beats a quick retreat once he figures out they're being caught on film together, doesn't he? Hope they're out and about town together proudly soon!

Tom is such a great guy. What a total clas act! 

And this girl is so damn stupid to ask Tom to say some stupid names of some sluts he even doesn't know. This must be characteristic for Chinks to be that stupid. 

You ignorant racist git, how do you know the race of the person behind the camera asking the dumb questions. You have just assumed that she is Chinese because the person in shot is Chinese. Don't make assumptions and I won't assume your a dizzy little queen.

im sorry but his bf is a bit offence but its true

Hilarious , is like he's dating you, moron !

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