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The Queens Of 'RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 6' Are Being Revealed!

Updated Sunday, December 8 at 4 p.m. est

If it wasn't for RuPaul's Drag Race, I'd hibernate indoors throughout all of February. I literally LIVE for the show (not figuratively).

So, if you're like me and the rest of the Instinct team, then you've been squealing like a squirrel friend all weekend thanks to the unveiling of the queens who'll be shantay-ing their way to take Jinkx Monsoon's crown in season 6! (Bear with me—RPDR and Logo are NOT confirming the names of these queens, just revealing photos. Many folks are guessing with conflicting reports across the Internet. I'm doing my best to correctly identify the future drag royalty pictured below, so kindly let me know if I've misidentified a contestant.)

One thing's for sure: season 6 is going to be quite the battle. Let us know in the comments who your early faves for the crown are! 

Without further adieu, on Sunday, the final few queens were revealed. We now have the full cast of RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 6! They are:

Laganja Estranja:

Gia Gunn:

Magnolia Crawford:

Trinity Kardashian Bonet:

On Saturday, these queens were announced for season 6:

Bianca del Rio!

Kelly Mantle!

Courtney Act!

Ben de la Creme!

Darienne Lake!

On Friday, it was announced that:

April Carrion will walk the catwalk in early 2014:

Milk Queen!

Vi Vacious!

RuPaul's Drag Race's Instagram just unveiled another queen, which fans seem to believe is Joslyn Fox:

Adore Delano (I think) has just been announced!

We'll try our best to update this post, so keep checking back for more season 6 queens!

Any early faves, Instincters?


i'll be rootin for adora or bianca <3 good luck gentleman and may the best lady win!

I'll be rooting for Courtney Act!!!! :) I love her! Serving fish hunty!!!

OMG DANNY (ADORE)! I can't wait for this season! #teamadore

Del Rio is a queen of queen 

love from NOLA  MISS GURL 

OMG Adore Delano! Yes! Danny is my baby! <3

LOL You must be one of her Idol stalker fans!

Where's Vicky Vox?

I will be rooting for my Seattle Queen Ben de la Creme. She is awesome and vi-vacious!

Courtney Act is great.
LAGANJA is fierce, ladies! 

Why is Adore on the show? She was already on American Idol! She won the viewer pic because she got all of her Idol fans to vote for her. She is not really a drag queen. SHe is an opportunist trying to steal her way into the drag world when other girls have been doing drag for 20 years. Some other poor queen lost her spot because Adore was on Idol!  This competition is fixed!

Boo! Go bitch somewhere else! Adore deserves it just as much as anyone else. She was on idol so at least we know she has vocal talent. It should speak volumes that she was able to stand out against others who in your words "have been doing drag for 20 some years". Take your jealousy and hater spray elsewhere! 

The season 6 girls are NOT playing. These girls are going to raise the bar on this show this season. All gorgeous all amazing entertainers. Good luck. And don't   ........

I wonder why only some have their boy pics.... Anywayz, super excited!!!! Yayyyy!!!

All drag queens ALWAYS look old beyond their years, with dark under eyes, mouth folds and an over all dull, haggard appearance to their face. Not to mention their bodies being completely out of shape. I think it is the smoke filled, late nights at the clubs, combined with the alcohol and the constant pulling and tugging of their skin applying the make up then removing it. They all look so tired and aged beyond their years. All for what? To gain 15 minutes of fame a week, in a circle of a few hundred fans IF this many? Truly a waste.

and yet, Kevin Dobbins from Birmingham, AL - you're friends with Bianca Del Rio on Facebook.  and you're NOT much to look at in that profile pic either.

First of all, oh, it's you again. Why do you keep coming back to this page if you have such issues with this topic that has such a little affect on your life? I'm sure that there are much more important issues to take offense at. If you were to use your sense of obsession and insistence to speak against something for good, maybe you would find your calling.

Second of all, most drag queens don't do it for the fame or money? A lot of them do this as a form of artistic expression. 

Third of all, you obviously have never seen Carmen Carrera.

I bid you good night and hope that someday you find happiness so that you feel secure enough in yourself that you will see that this sort of thing has a minimal effect on you and you will not need to spend so much of your time and energy hating on it. You seem like a very unhappy person and I feel sorry for you.

I wish you the best.


Take your self-hating, internalized homophobia elsewhere. You obviously know nothing about drag queens IN or OUT of character. Be gone. No one cares about you, or what you think, or have to say. You're simply another tired soul who has nothing better to do than hate on people.

Trent Locke

My apologies. Not the theme park, but the beautiful Miss Darienne Lake!

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Darien Lake. She has my vote.

Drag is nothing but fun! How can so many have a dislike for something as harmless and fun as this? 

OH I can't wait!!! Rupaul's back! My life has meaning again! <3

I Am so sick and tired of seeing hate filled posts. I have found most drag queens to be bloody amazing talented performers. However none can hold a candle too our Courtney  act, Ru paul maybe the queen of queens in America, but Courtney act is THE queen of queens in Australia, so bitches beware! Hahaha still I wish all the contestants all the luck in the world for season 6. Can't wait!!!! 

To be honest, I've never heart of Courtney Act... have you heard of RuPaul though?


Courtney Act was a semi-finalist on Australian Idol (back in 2003, I think...) and has released many songs. She has quite the following.

PS- I don't live under a rock.. and know of MANY drag queens. Jus sayin.

Stunning line up! They all look flawless!

Has anyone noticed that each season the queens seem to get better?

Granted, some previous seasons had some AMAZING QUEENS... but yeah, Ru keeps steppin it up.

Then again, she's well aware to "Not fuck it up."

One last thing... knowing several drag queens personally who own their own homes, are absolutely beautiful in and absolute stunning OUT of Drag, while coming from very loving open homes.. you are OBVIOUSLY extremely misinformed Kevinwhatevthefuckyournameis..... I agree with the person who suggested the Freudian Self Defense Mechanism of Projection. It's likely.

So Kevin, anonymous, and other haters... keep this next sentence in mind. "Sometimes it is wiser to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

*Kiss kiss*
Trent Locke

Drag Queens are fierce. They entertain. They are actors in their own right. Frankly, they are creative geniuses. They bring laughter, and often smiles to many people's faces. They are a huge part of the LGBT's equality movement and have been since day one.

So, applaud them. Support them.

Celebrate, don't hate.

One last thing so say... listen you judgmental little bitches. Sitting behind a keyboard slinging words at someone is equivalent to yelling at your neighbor three doors down through your closed window. What on earth makes you think that your troll asses should come out from under your bridge and go on harassing a journalist? What is that I smell?..... Oh yeah, Envy with just hint of bullshit. Just because you don't have anyone in your life to be horrible to doesn't mean you have to find people online to be horrible to. Just be horrible to yourself. Problem solved.

With that said, Jon: Don't let them get to you. People are hateful and spiteful when they wish they had what you do. Envy is a jealous little green eyed monster, and these people obviously are full of it. Your articles are great. I see haters post on every instinct magazine article whether it's posted by you or another writer. They are just doing so because they have nothing good in their own lives and feel a lot safer saying things they would never say in real life when they are behind a keyboard. Last but not least, kill them with kindness... and don't feed the trolls.

Trent Locke

This February Bianca Del Rio will become America's cunty Sweetheart and make those other queens regret they even showed up.

these queens look like they will bring all they have and leave DEVASTATION in their wake. so excited for the new season!!!! oh yeah, and f*&K ignorant assholes that believe drag queens had nothing to do with where the gay culture stands today. shame on you!

Maybe if we all ignore these indecent assholes, they will all go away??? Can we at least give it a try??

And I meant the obnoxious ppl who leave rude comments, NOT the queens. I am a drag queen and applaud all of these performers. Can't wait for the season to begin!!

Yeah!!!!!! I love Darienne Lake, from Rochester New York, she is a fantastic entertainer, and funny are all get out.....Cant wait !!!!!!

Upstate New York representing again! I was born in Oswego and lived in the 'Cuse most of my life.

Go Darienne!!!


Don't take any flack from these guys. You clearly indicated that you may need some assistance in making sure who the contestants are. Shame on those who are purely jealous to your position in your company. For no reason should they be so rude. Keep up the great journalism and please keep updating. 


Drew Dudek 

Jonathan Higbee's picture

Thanks, Drew!

More than welcome :)  Keep up the great work!

Response to kevDobbinsBham - / You are a God awful sound so unhappy, I 

have come across Drag Queens who have taught me a lot in life and how to survive and 

continue on, even when life hits you one blow after another.  Drag queen ( alot of them) are the protectors and the first one to demand our Gay Rights.....Shame on you for being so mean.

and by the way, you need Jesus!

Some kids are just SO full of negativity.  I guess tearing Carrie Underwood apart a few days ago didn't satisfy the hunger to hate so let's create some dialog to point out mistakes Jonathan Higbee may or may not be making.  Post your damn scorecards after the announcement to see how close he is.  Until then let him have his fun and enjoy the ride.  p.s. I don't know much about the drag industry but does anyone know if Courtney Act is just as cute when in boy mode?  She's speaking to me :-) 

That is Milk Queen, It has been confirmed! 

Jonathan Higbee's picture

Just noticed that myself and have updated. Thanks for the help!

im actually seeing posts around saying that its not milk queen, but terra grenade. terra even posted under this photo on the official drag race facebook page saying it was her. 

I am so excited! yay!

Drag queens are beautiful special snowflakes that make the whole world dance and sparkle! Wheeeeee! *+.+*+.+*

I am a well season traveler having lived in a number of major cities, and some smaller one's across this globe. What I have clearly observed of the gay culture in every last one of these cities is the same, in that every last drag queen I have ever come into contact with has some "Story To Tell" of how "She" has weathered some horrible drama/catastrophe in their lives, when in all actuality the only things they have weathered are no more terrible nor greater than the average person of this earth. So stop trying to be another Tina Turner with your stupid, hard luck stories of overcoming some petty drama in your lives Also, every last drag queen I have ever met, even the all and end all of drag queens are ALWAYS strapped financially, living in a smoke filled apartment at age 50, in debt, with a Marilyn poster on the wall. Drag queens also ALWAYS come from a broken home, typically poor white trash, and/or ghetto.

It is just plain, ole common sense that one simply can not stay up and out all night performing for those miserable dollar bills, which is not even enough to fund their tacky costumes and such, then perform a professional job the following day.

Drag queens did not lead anything in way of a path for us gays as stated by one dummy below. How embarrassing you all are to the gay community. Stereotypical gay pride clowns.

Drag is a dead end life, with it's followers equally as tragic.

1) Manila Luzon is an example of a drag queen that came from a supportive and loving family and does not base anything on "hard knock" stories.

2) Drag queens have, do, and will lead in the path for gay around the world. Marsha P. Johnson was one of the leaders of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 which opened the door for everything gay people in this country have gained over the years. 

So how do you think Rupaul the richest "Drag Queen" alive,she started in the clubs doing drag singing. So keep quiet and move on but guess what dont get butthurt no one gives a rats ass about that comment,Drag is done by a man who likes to show off their feminality so suck a horse cock and go away thanks :)

Well, don't you just have the world figured out!  Let me be the first to break your stereotypical view of drag queens.  I am a drag queen... I own my house, have a college degree, and work a corporate job. I do not come from a broken home nor am I strapped financially.   I really think its unfair of someone who has never done drag to try to form an opinion about something you have never personally experienced.  How else could you understand the cost, cause it ain't cheap, or the courage it takes to put your self out there and open yourself up to criticism from jerks like yourself.  Perhaps if you offered support and encouragement to these queens instead of tearing them down, YOU would be less of an embarrassing member of the gay community!

Even if all that bull-osh were all true, there's still the even more tragic trolls who cruise the internet to dump all over the things people love for no apparent reason apart from a need to be heard because they don't get enough validation in the real world. ::coughs:: Thatsyou ::coughs::

Obviously you are being sarcastic. Since you are the authority on all things gay, you are certainly aware of the stonewall riots, which were done by Drag Queens as well as others, there is also Jose Sarria, the founder of the International Court System. Your attempt at sarcasm was not that great, but I am sure that this is just what it was. If not, you really need to realize that not everyone who does drag can be put into the same category. Obviously you must have been hurt by a fabulous queen or your just jealous that you cant do what they do. 

It's a shame you didn't stay in school and pay attention in English class.  Your grammar and sentence structure are that of a third grader.  Take your illiterate ass somewhere else before someone drops a house on you.

     BEGONE, you have no power here!

Just a casual observation from a Drag Queen who (I think as does my husband) is a pretty good looking man, have traveled the world (as a boy) and has a very well paying job for a Freight company (butch huh) and whilst in drag, have helped raised thousands of dollars for numerous charities and entertained hundreds of people... I think the comments above are narrow minded and the exact reason Drag Queens exist. To spread joy and smiles to people. If you don't like it then you don't have to watch it. Simple as that!! Such a shame to have so much homo hate in the gay community!! Never mind, shine on haters, you only make us stronger and more fierce!!

Youre welcome x

We'll said Andy ! Shame on that grump !!

I am a drag queen and college educated so excuse me!!!?!! I have a bachelor's degree!!!! Get yourself off that high pedestal you step on!

Jonathan Higbee: You're proving to have as much journalistic clout as my morning bowel-movement. There's a difference between jumping the gun, jumping to conclusion, and just plain not knowing what you're talking about. You're in for a surprise on many counts, hun. And I mean that as a wake-up call (not as a read).

Jonathan Higbee's picture

I'm sorry you feel that way. sad What about this story upset you?

Oh, on the contrary! Nothing about this article has upset me. It's freaking hilarious! But, since you've proven to be such a well-researched writer, who clearly is using his most-reliable techniques to gather and disseminate information, then the following quote should make perfect sense to you: "That moment when Monét X Change and Terra Grenade won the internet." Otherwise, the joke's completely on you, my darling.

Jonathan Higbee's picture

Considering this is the New York Times and not a fun pop-culture blog where I've openly admitted to needing help confirming the names of people in the photos, you're intense hatred for me seems appropriate, "Eugene." Keep being a sweetheart!


It seems we have a troll. Just ignore her and maybe she'll return to her life beneath the bridge.

Exactly. Someone's waaaaaaaaay too invested in this fluffy reality TV conversation piece. Makes me scared for the lack of a life whoever the person hiding behind the Eugene screenname may have outside the living room sofa.

 I disagree with Kevin Dobbs critcisms....not  nice at all Kev.

I love the show and love queens. cant wait for february.

Drag queens are the true bottom feeders of the gay community. All of them are from poor, trailer park, ghetto families, who remain penniless their entire lives, while working retail jobs.

Also, all drag queens look sooo old and tired beyond their years, and just AWFUL without the make up on.


Poor KevDobbins must be a self loathing homo, or a self loathing queen! Poor dear she's just lashing out because his life must suck! Debbie Downer!

OMG I just read what this ignorant person wrote ,thought of a few things to say , instead i have one word PROJECTION a word i have learned in my class ,the ignorant person who wrote that im sure is not bright enough to know what it is so ill define it for him. Clearly he / she has issues and needs help .PROJECTION is [ when One disowns the personal attributes that may be inconsistent with his/her self image and puts them on to other people in order to avoid taking responsibility for his/her feelings. 

Do you seriously think that it was some white guy in a suit that threw a garbage can through a window at The Stonewall Inn and fought back the Policemen that had been extorting and abusing the gay community in NYC? Seriously? It was drag queens that stood up and rioted in the streets so that you could walk down those streets today and not be persecuted. For somebody that enjoys picking apart somebody else's smarts you sure don't know a damned thing about history.

P. S. I AM a white guy in a suit. And one that is eternally grateful for those that have stood on the front lines and fought for my freedoms.

Says the individual whose grammar is ridiculously wrong.

So much hate for queens why even look at the article.

Look at April Carrion out of drag, he's a cutie.

It's not that they look tired and old, but compared to how extravagant they are in drag, it just looks that much more different and less then, in comparison to one's appearance in drag.

Get the eff out, you are the true bottom feeder.

I'm glad you feel that way. I, being a drag queen myself, am only sorry you feel that way. Yes, TV has shown some people to be that way, but you piling everyone together like that makes you stereotypical of another culture, which is what we're trying to stop as a community.

Also, I grew up in the suburbs, in a nice house with a loving family, I am a piano teacher and am definitely not penniless. So before you start "throwing shade", to use a drag idiom, I would prefer you get your facts straight and stop acting like the hateful and stereotyping people that we fight against every day in the LGBT community.

Thank you Hater, and have a lovely day.

The latter definitely doesn't appear to be the Milk Queen if you compare the male version to the male shots here .

Jonathan Higbee's picture

Thanks, Mack. You're right -- it's Terra Grenade!

Jonathan Higbee's picture

Haha, nope! I was right the first time. :)

Also, that is NOT Monet, its legendary Vi Vacious. Get it together. how do you double epic fail in one article!

For fuck's sake, "anonymous." You need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills, honey. In the blog they say that the names might be wrong as nothing's officially been confirmed. Either quit hiding behind "anonymous" and man up or STFU and be a decent human being and participate in the fun guessing pop culture conversation

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