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The Vatican's Hottest REAL Priests Are On Display In 2014 'Roman Priest Calendar'

While photographer Piero Pazzi's "Roman Priest Calendar" isn't serving up the salaciousness of the Orthodox Priest calendar, it does have one thing going for it:

Pazzi assures us his priests are real!

And they are GORGEOUS. So what's got these sexy holy men stepping in front of Pazzi's lens?

According to The Local:

But the Venice-based photographer behind the calendar, Piero Pazzi, insists the portraits are purely intended to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican.

They are all genuine priests, usually snapped in Rome during Holy Week, he tells The Local. He also travels to Seville to capture clergymen during the Spanish city’s Holy Week procession.

“I meet most of them on the streets in Rome and ask to take their photos,” he says.

The priests do not supply their name but “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar,” adds Pazzi, who launched the calendar in 2003.

“I do the same in Seville. Yes, the men are good-looking, but it is just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”

Inform us, Pazzi!! Keep us informed all day, every day!!

You can order the calendar here, or if you happen to conveniently be strolling by the Vatican, drop off 10 Euros to one of the vendors and be on your merry way!


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They can't help it that they're blessed with good looks. It's the way people like you think that's the problem.

Celibacy.  Sorry, couldn't help it.  Also, the comment box has spellcheck...

Really felt tempted to correct that to salivacy. :)



Such beautiful virgins

Why did Vatican allow these priests be in a calendar? For what?They are not for display. And why did these priests agree to it? Just wondering...

Is it so wrong for them to do so? I think you just need to clear your mind off dirty things.

don't think the vatican is part of this. if you re-read the article, this photographer did not have any connection or previous set appointments with the priests. he just catches them on the streets during catholic events and come to them and ask for their picture explaining what he wants to achieve. the priests are of course good hearted and so they pose along thinking there is no harm done. it is also mentioned in the article that the priests doesn't want to be ID'd.

Your next assignment is to list the hottest nuns of Vatican.

Victoria's Secret model ADRIANA LIMA was quoted that if she did not model, she was to study in becoming a nun. How would you react if adriana lima was your nun? lol. she is a devout Catholic and have stated that sex was for after marriage. These men do not contradict anything. The calendar is for a good cause (hopefully), and having handsome priests is not a sin. If anything, it would help the church 

AGREE...why not!!?

God's creation is perfect and we just need to look inward and open our hearts to be able to see it.  These men are so blessed with good looks and spiritual grace of which everything came from God, however may we not forget that they are as human as anyone else. Even after ordination, even more, their humanness is always at a test because Satan is working double time for them to fall.  LET US ALWAYS OFFER A PRAYER FOR THEM, FOR CARDINAL VIRTUES AND GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO SHINE ON THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE, RESPECT AND LOVE THEM WITH PURE HEART.

There was a time that the pope was an emperor, a time when the pope was a warrior... and because the world is dynamic, the Church has to evolve without compromising its original nature as mother and teacher of humanity, today, the pope has to be a celebrity (in style-- to promote the Word of God loudly), so as priests.

Ok, so I don't get why some people seem so offended by the fact that someone is celebrating that priests can be pretty. Doesn't make them any less spiritually-inclined, does it? (Most) Faces are from God too. 

Perfect why not

why does they can't believe that these men are real priest? are they not qualified ? just because of their handsome faces and gorgeous looks and physique? why put controversies out of it? i think there's nothing wrong if they are priest. it's their choice and for sure it's what we called "The Calling".. God want them to be His disciples.  The one who will preach and send God words to every nation... May God bless them. and as well as those people who are trying to condemn them. Let's just do our part and keep our faith steadfastly. 

why are they priests? just kidding.

it is just a calendar people. seriously! these guys look good but they are men of God. leave them alone!

sign me in!!! :))

God must've spent a little more time on them ;)

best reply in this thread!

Well i think Vatican showing something that will promote sin specially lust... If they want to promote their priest or the church use something appropriate that will promote faith not this pretty faces... Well i say better to think twice or even more cause for me this makes the credibility of faith and conservative culture  of Vatican questionable...

Appreciating physical beauty is already lust for you? My my, is that the faint sound of projection? 

omg... this story is totally fake, as u say I will be really wrong from the Vatican to do something like this, so.... do u see them in their official pge or un a catholic place doing this??? you are not reading this in a catholic place.... i mean! be real and think about it!!!!

That seminary must be hopping!

That damned church would have saved themselves a lot of money if my priest looked like that.

They're beautiful men. Why do people need to make it smutty? I see the non-sexual aesthetics of the images, their faces, the scenes, etc.  :D How you perceive these images is all about you.  If you think they're inappropriate, it's because you want them to be inappropriate.  I'm rather inappropriate, so of course I did think of all of those other things, too.  And I smiled. :)


Wouldn't this promote lust? Does that mean we're all going to hell?

Jesus loves them!


God has a way of choosing the best for Himself!

Isn't this vanity, considered one of the deadly sins taught by their church?

Well no, vanity is described as the excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements and there's a high percent chance that they were actually chosen by other people.
plus it's for a calendar that(according to the photographer) aims to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican.

Roughly translated: It's only vanity and pride if it's not making money for the Catholic Church.  Since it IS promoting the Catholic Church, it's ok.

No, accurately translated it's just like the other person said.  Look it up in a dictionary.  There's nothing in the definition about vanity only applying to the Catholic Church.  Isn't always interesting how some people, like this Ron J, are always trying to find a way to bash the Catholic Church even when the facts, sitting right in front of them, are clearly showing otherwise?  Some people will twist anything around to make it support their tainted view of the world and allow them to be the perpetual victim and nay sayer.  Must be a very sad existence.

Let's be practical. think ahead. think wisely. its promoting but why does it have to be them? why cant the photographer take photos of the church, instead of good looking priests, But seriously the priests are good looking, Hhahaha

I just don't get why they had to use physical looks, like finding the most gorgeous priests, to promote religion. It's all ironic to the Church's teachings, if not most religions, even though as the other person said there's a high chance this was chosen by non-Vatican people. I know this is all for media purposes, but whoever will take this seriously as a real promotion to the catholic church's awareness must think again. 

He could've chosen not so well looking priests- but would you order one and post it on your wall? 

This comment that "Duh!" made was exactly my argument. My point is that why base it on the looks and faces of the priest - be it gorgeous or not-so-gorgeous looking - to promote religion, when their main teaching are values and spirituality and not being so materialistic and vain.

See, if there were more priest like this they'd be cavorting with adults instead of minors. It makes one wonder if there are holes in those confessionals.

if there were less stupid people, the debate would be more constructive.

I want to kneel

Not only kneel, but do any other penence he might dish out.


HAHAHAHA... nice1


Hahahahahaha so much win!

I agree best comment ever!! 

You made my day!!!

best comment ever! hahaha

they are so handsome...!

I would beg to differ on whether being celibate means that one cannot be "hot."  I suppose it depends on how you define "hot", and if the definition is "person whom one would like to see more of, preferably without the collar and cassock," then hot the guy is irrespective of whether he does or does not want to be seen as such.  Particularly if, as is reported in the original story, the men have been told that they are being photographed for a catalog of handsome priests.  

they all look stunning!

sprecato per fare il prete io lo avrei voluto come attore

UM I shall call BULLSHIT!!!



Its not the size of cassocks that counts!!!

If this can help with the image of the church than I am not opposed.  I just hope that is their true calling.

This calendar flaunts the integrity of the priesthood. As a former priest, I have no issues with their sexiness! I have issues with The GREED that makes these calendars!

Integrity?? Giving up your life to a mythology? Thats a cult and its insane, and sad. And then you talk of "greed" over a calandar? The Vatican is practically built with 24 karat gold so lets not talk "greed" when it comes to these photos

well .. by profession of faith, i am episcopalian .. but ..

going through my closet to find the old cassock, surplice etc.......

Priests are supposed to be celibate.  they cannot be "hot" by their nature.

Priests are supposed to be celibate.  they cannot be "hot" by their nature.

Hotness, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder....not necessarily in the nature if the beheld!

Very well put!!


Well put.

I want to get on my knees!....and confess... 8)

Oh mylanta!!!


They're not real priests. The cassocks are the same in most of the shots. 

Why should that matter, how many cassock manufacturers are there? It stands to reason that they would order them from a handful of suppliers.

Sorry but have to disagree on one point. The cassocks ARE different. Look at the collar, there is different tab spacing on several of them. Mine has about a 2" gap for the tab.

Chile...I will take any ONE of 'em.....SHEESH!!!!  LAWD HELP MEH JESUSH!!!!!!

OMG they are so cute. I prefere the 2nd and the 3rd

The first priest is the spitting image of my boyfriend in college.

For realz.

I suddenly miss him.


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