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100 Naked People Want You To Love Your Body (NSFW-ish)

This is pretty genius! 

Naked people? Check.  Stop motion video? Check. 

Encouragement to get up and be active and healthy? Check. 

Positive body image reenforcement? Check. 

As The Daily Digg puts it: 

If you're a fan of nudity, but you think maybe your own body could use some work, this video is for you.

Watch this video awesome stop motion video from Withings (Possibly NSFW-ish due to tasteful nudity):


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Maybe because the company making the body is in France? Or perhaps because the white male they show *as an example* in their video is re-imagining & re-acquainting his Caucasian body with other Caucasian bodies? Sheesh, give the video-makers the benefit of the doubt and appreciate the positive perspective and message!

"love your body" is the message.  that's why all the people in this video are slender, caucasian and generally not unattractive...  where's the diversity?  where's the "anyone, no matter what their body type can be beautiful"?  sorry, but i don't see that in this "break the stereotype" video.

You just got to hate huh. Get the fuck outta here.

i'm not hating, i'm point out the obvious.  they say they want to break the stereotype, but the only thing in this video is stereotypes.  show me one non-caucasian person.  show me one non-slender person.  show me one person in this entire video that doesn't fit into your stereotypical image of what looks good.  oh, that's right... you can't, because there aren't any!

Justin is right... It's all one type of person.... there is no diversity here.  Kind of like watching the Republican convention.  A sea of white faces.  

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