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Heart It Or Hate It: Britney Spears Debuts 'Perfume' Music Video

It's here! It's here! (We'll pretend you're as excited as we are.) Britney Spears has just dropped the official music video for "Perfume," the second single off of her new album, Britney Jean. The video's directed by Joseph Kahn.

Check it out!

Britney's marking her territory!

What do you think, Instincters? Heart it or hate it??


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Love it or hate it you can't say she is running on fifteen minutes of fame, she has been around since 1999!! 

Heart it!

Uhmmmmm ... if this is her voice ... then who sang all the other songs?? Doesn't sound like Britney at all !!

It sounds very much like her.  Check out Inside Out or Unusual You.

I think her time is running out on her fame which is turning into infamy and she has already used 14:56 minute's of her 15:00 minute's.

15 min? You mean 15 years. Don't get it twisted. 

Heart it!! Thanks for sharing; this is my fave song off of BJ.

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