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Tim Gunn Teams Up w/ ACLU For 'My Big Gay (IL)Legal Wedding' Campaign!

Marriage equality is on a roll as more and more states give same-sex couples the right to wed--but what about those states where our legal marriages aren't recognized?

Let's not forget that while you may be legally married in New York, there's no legal obligation for your marriage to be recognized in Texas. That's a problem, right??

Well the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wants to change that and in order to bring attention to this big problem, they've teamed up with Project Runway's Tim Gunn for the "My Big Gay (IL)Legal Wedding" campaign!

Are you an LGBT couple that wants to get married in some crazy over-the-top way? Think: jumping out of an airplane or climbing to the peak of a mountain. Got a wild idea and want to use it to draw attention to our current marriage inequality? This contest is for you!

We'll let Tim explain!

Five couples will get $5000 to make their "Big Gay (IL)Legal Wedding" a reality!

Want it to be you and your significant other? Got a big idea? 

Enter the contest here!! Or head to the same link to vote for the couples that have entered!

Good luck!


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Ok this is the way i will want to  have the best crazy wedding ideal. I first want to get marry in Washington, D.C. Across the street from the white house, the  park across the street. if possible have the president attend, Then after we done with the marriage we Take a big Party Party and head to  North Carolina  to Providence Road Baptist Church where is known to be a gay hating church and we could celebrate outside or close to the church and have a flash mob celebration to celebrate our marriage. 

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