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One Direction's Harry Styles Surprises NYC Gay Bar

We guess all the gay One Direction fans will know where to hang out next time Harry Styles is spotted in New York City.

The cheeky 1D crooner was spotted at Hell's Kitchen's Therapy on Saturday, but don't get too excited--he came with a Kardashian in tow.

Well technically a Jenner--18-year-old, Kendall Jenner (little to sis to Kim, Khloe, and company). 

US Weekly writes:

The same day that the One Direction singer, 19, and model/reality star, 18, were spotting leaving the Ganservoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District together, the pair resurfaced at Therapy with a few other pals, and "didn't make a huge deal about it," the source tells Us. Saturday's theme at Therapy was "Gays Gone Wild," with other bargoers dancing up a storm to pop hits. Alas, Styles, Jenner et al, however, didn't hit the dance floor, the source notes.

And the crooner isn't new to Therapy, either. "Harry has actually been her a few times before," the source explains of the fairly low-key hangout. "He's just a regular customer when he comes in," adds the source of Styles.

We wonder where Harry and his chums will turn up next!


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god i hope hes gay

I for one, am glad to see that the hairdresser from "The Golden Girls" has found steady work again....

He's 19 and in a bar? With an 18year old? Me thinks neither should have been allowed in until they are 21

Where have you been living? Tons of bars are 18+

Not trying to hate, but someone needs to tell Harry Styles the Shirley Temple hairstyle is NOT a good look for him.

it's just another stupid and no important new, what's the big deal... he's not even hot.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

To be honest people would be astonished to know how often the Rich and famous frequent gay bars and clubs to them its a safe place where they can come be VIP have a good time and move on their people like us they like to unwind without the issues of paparazzi 

It's ok. Sometimes youngsters need a hag when they enter gay bars so as not to be treated like carrion by a bunch of vultures. 

Please tell me someone offered him some hair advice.

For fk sake give it a rest, who cares if hes underage. Its a stupid law. If 18 year olds can go to war and get married then they should be able to drink alcohol.


I don't understand this crap about not letting 18 y/o people drink? They can go to war and die but they can't drink? Get a fucking grip stupid lawmakers! 

It's 18 or over. No alcohol till 21. 

Was it Rob Kardashian?

and no comment that they are both underage

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