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One Million Moms OUTRAGED Over Glee's Christmas Episode

One Million Moms has put Glee on its naughty list for having the gull to do a Christmas episode, or something.

They shriek in their email that demands advertisers pull out of the show:

Other religions do not tolerate this behavior and as Christians we will not either. Why any producer or network feels mocking a sacred and religious holiday where Christians celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ is acceptable is beyond me. GLEE should not and will not get a free pass to make a joke of Christmas. This is not the first time the show has aired blasphemous content in their program. Glee producer Ryan Murphy is used to pushing the moral boundaries on his show, but last week's episode went too far. The mockery of the Christmas story was blasphemous and an abomination. 

The show featured the transgender student, Unique, portraying the Virgin Mary in their high school's nativity scene and acts out giving birth to the baby Jesus. The doll representing Jesus wore a sequin diaper and was thrown from singer to singer while they sang "Love Child, Never Meant to be." Baby Jesus is tossed around like a rag doll and shown no respect.In another scene, a bisexual "Sexy Santa," gets two female characters and the show's gay male character drunk before robbing them blind - all this after making out with and tying the male character up in bed. These same females in a previous scene are elves at the local mall and tell kids to ask for mobile devices they could download porn on while wearing skimpy elf costumes.

You're right, OMM: there's nothing more pressing to put a good Christian's energy toward this holiday season than Sexy Santa.


wow a million moms need laid..

 Glee is not about what moms think it's about the realities that happen in the high school life. Sorry to disappoint but you moms aren't the demographic.

I fully understand OMM 's opinion. As an opinion they are entitled to it. I want to ask OMM a question, If Glee has offended in the past...why continue to watch it? Also, OMM is always "outraged" by something going on it leaves me wondering 'Do they ever get to enjoy being a Mom?'. OMM I don't agree with your opinion, I will defend your right to express it (be sure it is expressed respectfully). OMM stop seeking out your next "outrage" and have a Happy Holidays with your children.

And one also has to remember that their name (One Million Moms) is a misnomer.  In fact, their "membership is only in the LOW 5 figures (last I saw figures was <20,000) and very right wing.  As you said, they do have the right to their opinion and we must respect it, regardless of how much of a fruitcake one it is.  These are also people who have WAY too much time on their hands and do nothing to improve the world but simply want to impose their extremist POV on everyone else.

LOL this women need a good shag and a remote...dont like it...dont watch the way you freaks only are around 5000 moms at the most...where is the rest of the million? 

These people need to take a MAJOR chill pill and get a friggin' life.  If they'd bother to do something constructive for this world, they'd be a LOT better off instead of showing the world their ignorance and stupidity.

I have converted back to Judaism this past year.  In my opinion, this is not worth getting upset with.  I did not see the episode.  I have grown tired of the show and American pop culture.  I agree with some of the other comments.  People should get over it and don't watch.  However, I do agree that Glee does push a lot of peoples buttons in a negative way from time to time.  When the producers of a show began to start creating episodes like this, it maybe a sign that the show's better days are gone.  

Speaking as a Pagan, we have NO problem with it! *assuming these b*%ches know what other religions are* Personally, I am not a fan of Glee because people singing in random situations is just plain weird to me....but I actually did watch part of this one. What the F are y'all mad about? Don't like it, don't a normal human being! Geez....get a life....go bake yo kids some cookies & shyte ya heffa! Quit worrying about what every one else is doing.....aren't yo kids supposed to be in bed and whatnot? Or are you bad Moms that don't regulate bedtime??? Piss off.

First of all, there is no need for you to be so disrespectful and inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Second of all, everyone is allowed to have their opinion and yes, a good idea would be to stop watching to show. That does not mean that people are not allowed to be disgusted with the episode and voice how they feel. Children watch this show and regardless of whether or not you watch the show yourself, you as a person should at least understand that this kind of material should not be shown when the writers of the show know exactly who their audience is. So please don't lash out at me for voicing my opinion.

No Melina, I will not tone it down nor apologize for what you deem disrespectful. Y'all think you can go around telling everyone what to do because it "offends" you. I could give two craps if you're offended.
I am a mother and I'm tired and offended by this group opening their mouths and acting like the mommy police.
And if you thought this was directed at you.....I suggest you buy a second pair of those shoes and lace them up Darlin. We are not going to be silent anymore! We are the majority now and we're tired of your imaginary Xmas war and you picking on our gay friends! So, you can shove your opinion and offence where the sun don't shine.

I don't believe the episode makes fun of Christmas. First of all Christmas, as we know it, is not a religious holiday. Christmas is based on the pagan holiday yule. Many of the common traditions became main stream because we copied and based our at home celebrations off of the celebrations of Queen Victoria. This is evident for anyone who has had college level history classes with a unit on Queen Victoria. We were so heavily influenced by her we even have entire furniture styles named after her. She carried pagan values and made the tree popular by using it herself. Many of the other traditions were absorbed and used as traditions to celebrate Christmas. Glee was not making fun of a religious holiday. They were actually doing the opposite. The scenes with Kurt and the others were not part of the same story that surrounded the members of the glee club. The glee club members were respectful. Kitty was the voice of reason who exclaimed this is how Christmas is supposed to be. She was the poster-character to the notion, "hey, there is a religious intent to this holiday." She felt conflicted, which tells the more educated viewer that she accepts people for their differences but even though she accepts the LGBT characters she does not feel any of them should play the virgin Mary. In fact she does not feel worthy of the part herself. This should tell  viewers that Glee respects the holiday and the views of Christians, even though it might be wrong to pass judgment and chastise them for their sins when that is God's place not yours. In the end Kitty does play the role, not Unique. Unique plays an angle which in true personifications and translations of the bible, had no gender and so it is disrespectful, technically for a boy or a girl to play the role so I fail to see how Unique playing an angle is wrong. It is not more wrong than anyone else playing the role. There is a nice blend of showing realism of what can happen during the holidays (aka the troubles that befall Kurt and others) and the good things that can happen (aka Becky being given the part of baby Jesus to give her a place in the production, which is important to a person of special needs).

I don't think this was about Glee being disrespectful. I believe many of these moms viewed this and were looking for a reason to hate Glee. Why else would they be aware of the episode. Why watch it, and why expose their kids? I cannot think of a single episode that is acceptable to a Christian who yields these view points. The problem is that Glee exist in the first place and Christians like this wish that their religion were made law and enforced. As if an opposing opinion is a threat, when it shouldn't be if God were truly a reality.

If this were a holy day for some other religion most of these moms  would not even care. If this were disrespectful I would back these moms up regardless of the fact that I am bisexual and Pagan. Truthfully the episode was NOT disrespectful, in fact I feel it was humorous, a way to throwback and get people's minds off the recent death in the show, and a wonderful way to portray that even though Glee isn't what these mom's value, they do respect the holiday. That was the point in this episode and if you missed the message you are probably too ignorant for television in the first place so go study some more then watch TV when your IQ increases.


I don't understand the validity of these mom's; I'm sorry, you're still breathing?!

Here is my comment and response lets see how many of you Jesus thumpers I can piss off with it.  Jesus Christ should be bent over Santa's lap and proven that his mother Mary was no virgin nor was he since his best friend was a whore oops did I say that out-loud?   As for you bible loving hippie moms that are outraged over a God Damn Brilliant TV show get a freaking life and maybe if you used that bible as a vibrator you would truly see God.  Merry Christmas !!!

MOM...."GET OVER IT IT'S 2013!!!"

First, I turned my back to God, when I realized that the father who created me, hated me for being the way he created me. Then I became agnostic when my intelligence showed me that he does not even exist. As for the show I think it was hilarious. I loved the sexy Santa, if only all bad guys were like him! And for the poor million mammas having a problem with the show, I pity them for being so brain-washed. Do not get me wrong, they may be good people, but such an outrage only reflects the intellectual state of mind of them.

God doesn't hate you!. He hates sin and sin alone. He doesn't hate you, only your sinful acts. Yes there are self-righteous(the ones who look down on anyone and everyone) christians who use their "religion" to oppress, suppress, depress,  and condemn their fellow man for the very same acts they commit. Ignore them! God, Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit oppress, suppress, depress, or condemns a man. They(God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) will chastise only if you need it. God is love! I know that is hard to understand. It is still hard for me understand. We have been taught that you gotta act right, be right 24/7 for God to love us. WRONG! God loves us so fully that He gave freely His Son, knowing full well what Jesus would go through.

This is coming from a Christian man that likes kissing other men.

I believe "One Million" should always be in quotes since they're really only a fraction of a million moms.

Did any of these so called MOMS not understand that it was reversed physiology on kitty to get her to play the role. I thought it was a great thing they did.

2 & a half dozen moms( closer to their actual numbers) need to get fucked.

of course they TOTALLY disregard the previous weeks episode where they had a nativity scene and sang Christian Carols - didnt see the secularists complaining much about that episode.  Its got to be all or nothing with some of these Xian groups.  tragic.

Who cares, if you don't like it, don't watch it. 

The question is, If Glee has done this in regards to the Birth of Buddha, or an Islamic holiday would it be acceptable.

If the Answer is no then it is not acceptable to do it a Christian Holy Day either.

Im a gay pagan btw. And there is only circumstantial evidence that Christmas was a pagan holiday. And even if it was it still does not give people the right to make fun of it.

If only there was more tolerance in the world. So far Militant Athetists are proving to be just as Intolerant as Fundementalist Christians. I have little hope that people will ever be respectful to one another 

sorry andrew this is not directed at you I thought it was just comment section 

If your in America you have the freedom to do almost anything as long as it dose not infringe upon the rights of others (I can or any other Us citizen can burn a cross or i can put a cross in my yard as long as its safe to have a fire or the cross in the yard is not to tall or causes any hazards ) ( you can use your hard earned money to get a camera and paid actors to performed any scene they are willing to work with, then if you sell said scene it is sold again or sold directly to a company that sells you (what ever tv cable provider you have) then you watch it well they have the freedom to do that just like you have the freedom to not watch (the TV is not a baby-sitter nor an entertainer it must be monitored to your liking if you have younger ones that you don't want to see certain shows then turn it off or make it clear, i had more to say but I am tired and going to bed peace

Andrew, you are correct. Jesus Christ was born in spring. Mostly because the Romans would not ask of their citizens to do the census, which Mary and Joseph were doing at the time, in the winter months. The census was done during the spring. So the date is wrong. The only reason the early Catholic church placed the birth of Jesus Christ on the date Christmas is on today, was because the Roman Legionnaires were following a Persian god that promised ever lasting life to their followers was celebrated on this date. Therefore to have the army and every Roman citizen follow one God and one religion the church replaced that holiday with the birth of Christ.

Are you kidding me? Christmas is 100% stolen from pagan traditions. The tree and giving of gifts are flat-out stolen from the Roman holiday Saturnalia. The timing of "Christmas" was to absorb the pagan celebration of Winter Solstice. The entirety of what Christians think to be their special day is stolen and patched together from the other religions that Christianity steamrolled over. Rather than stamp out the traditions, they just included them in their own faith, because it's a lot, lot easier to get people to celebrate your version of their holiday than it is to tell them they're not allowed to celebrate it at all.

The only thing circumstantial is Jesus having been born in December at all.

I could not really give a f**k what the Million Moms of Hate think about that episode.  They may not have watched it.  They are sketchy on some of the plot.  The one thing I did notice that it seemed to be out of sync with the overall story line of the show.   It had Kurt and Blaine broken up and Sue Sylvester was not the principal.  Was it filmed out of sequence? 

It was supposed to be from last year that never aired, they discuss it in the intro. 

Thanks, I guess I missed that.  What about Cory?

That's messed up, I'm definitely choosing to not watch any of these shows just because of the lack of respect and tolerance. Everyone likes to act like Christians are intolerant, but funny how more people seem to bash Christianity than anything. I'm highly disappointed. I am a strong believer that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and don't really care if anyone thinks that's BS. Directors need to remember that their audiences vary and no one should ever be disrespectful toward one another's religion. 

They actually got the context wrong. What MOM points out does happen with regards to Jesus. The problem is they are purposely doing it to make one of the girls take the roll of Mary. They realize she really wants it and understands what it means to be Mary. So they go over the top so she will say you can't do this and take the roll to make the nativity scene be what it should. Is the show offensive? Yes. But this exact scene was taken out of context. As a Christian, I did not find this episode disrespectful towards my religion. It did have some crude humor but never did it make fun of Christianity. Obviously the people behind this article were just picking and choosing scenes. I doubt they watched the whole episode.

Un the extremist fundies and evangelicals ARE intolerant to other religions.  Sad how it's perfectly OK when YOUR type insists everyone else is wrong but simply can't handle it when it's pointed out that there's other religions in this world beside yours.

BTW - I'm Presbyterian and find you and your type's attitudes totally hypocritical and unChristian to boot.

His best female friend was a sex worker. He liked helping out the hated ones in society. He threw money changers out of the temple. Get over your Christianity, and get into your Christ. Get into love. Get into letting light entertainment be what it is, and get out in your community and do some GOOD. For Jesus' sake.

If you really are bent out of shape, simple answer... DONT WATCH IT! Glee has always been a great show to watch and what is accurate is how the show dictates present life in todays society. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. 

The scene with Unique was to get the blond cheerleader to play the Virgin Mary in the first place, they overdid it on purpose. Get over yourselves. Ryan Murphy who cares what those broads think. You keep doing you. And definitely AMERICAN HORROR STORY. 

OMM needs to talk to more biblical scholars if they aren't going to read the bible themselves.  According to biblical scholars (both religious and non-religious) agree that Jesus Christ was born in the Spring because the sheppards were tending their sheep.  They only do that in the Spring, not the winter.  Those same scholars also agree that the most likely date of Jesus' birth was April 4th, 3rd or 4th BCE (Before Current Era).

Oh my god that was the best x mas show this year. Why so upset Jesus roamed the dessert with 12 man in dresses and matching sandals, alright enough said. Let the freak flag fly and go read your bible.

I stopped watching Glee a long time ago!

Stop trying to tell everyone how to live! Don't like it don't watch! Christ I'm so sick of you bible beater telling everyone what to do!

I love the supportive comments. I don't even watch the show but I hate that everyone thinks they're entitled to censor others. Christmas was not even created by Christians! It was a pagan holiday that they stole and reconfigured for their purpose! It's just like marriage, they think marriage belongs to them and everyone should respect and abide by their version. 

Stop crying over a tv show people need to get over that its not real life and it seems the articale is more that it was gay and bisexual and transgendered people are having a problem with im gay and i sing at christmas no biggie

My sister & I watched it on Monday night via DVR (we were both busy elsewhere on the night it aired) & from the moment that the parental warning started, we were in SHOCK . . . but the good kind.  As in, we kept looking at each other, thinking "Did they REALLY just do/say/sing THAT?!?!?!"  Jaws were hitting the floor so often, our teeth were loose by the end . . . all I could say afterwards was "What do you suppose the writers were on when they came up with this - besides helium, I mean?" (you will have to watch the episode, if you haven't already, to get that).  It was HYSTERICAL!!!

Hey one million moms.... Santa is a secular character not a religious one. Stop trying to own everything

What is the big deal, xmas is all commercialized now and has been for yrs.  Get a life, it's only a tv show which you don't have to watch if you choose not to.

It wasn't about the "Sexy Santa" as your Home page tagline(?) suggests; it's about the use of the song "Love Child."  As a gay, bit of a rebel Catholic, I admit I was a little taken aback by that choice of song.

All I have to say is we have already made a mockery of Christmas with all our commercialism and greed..... And this is what you worry about, get your priorities straight!

Was the worse episode ever...but Million Moms...SHUT THE F### UP!! Its a TV show, it wasn't a re-enactment of the Birth of Christ!  You guys need to move your energy into a more positive direction and stop protesting EVERYTHING! I bet you are the same group of women who lie to your kids about some fat man in a red suit bringing them toys if they're good (again, not the true meaning of Christmas) but can't muster up the courage to tell them about love in all shapes and forms!! Here's an idea: Stay home, raise your kids, and leave the world alone!!

I will keep watching, when it comes to comedy nothing should be off limits. if your offended then watch something else. I like the show thought it was funny and will keep watching. glad the "moms" didn't mind the jokes about Christmas trees. Oh by the way the Bible says not to put up a tree and adore it. Sinners, all Christmas tree sinners. LOL Ya I am a Christian, youth Pastor and I have a Christmas tree in my house and I love Glee!

I guess Shakespeare is burning in hell this very moment for letting men portray women in his work.

Considering December 25th was recognized as the birth date for many gods, Christians should not have chose that date to celebrate Jesus' birth if we wanted to keep it a separate, holy day from commercialism and other religious customs like decorating, gift giving and etc. Granted I don't think it is proper to mock any religion, but I get sick of people hollering about Christmas being a Christian holy day. All we did is take a holy day for many ancient religions, and claim it and its customs for Christianity, and then act like we came up with it. We should have declared a day, say in June, to celebrate his birth so that it could truly be a holy day for the religion. I am a gay Christian, and at times am ashamed of the ignorance of many Christians not to mention the mis-practice of the religion by so many. As far as Santa, he was not a part of Christ's birth either but a real man that lived the compassion that the Bible teaches by giving to those less fortunate; therefore, being named a Saint by the Catholic church. However being named a Saint by the Catholic church is a mere honor system of man because all followers of God/Christ are Saints. Not to mention that the Santa of today has nothing to really do with the Saint, initially yes, but that was before commercialism. On another aspect of Christmas is the use of Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas, well you can't take Christ out of a holiday that was never a true Christian holiday to begin with, and in ancient times, I forget which language, X was used to mean Christ.

I hope you don't mind, but I had to repost your reply from here on my Facebook page. I appreciate how you pointed out the flaws and realities of the day and the concept. I have had this same belief for years, but have yet been able to find a way to put it into words that would be understood by the masses. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and thank you for being such a great voice for the gay community. 

Aron McElroy

No problem Aaron. Thanks for the compliment, lol. Glad to help out!


Aaron, watch the movie Zeitgeis and you will understand why Michael is spot on.  Merry Christmas... Holiday... I mean happy holidays... Oh heck  Enjoy and be safe  ;-)

Our beautiful Constitution gives is the freedom of everything Glee. It also gives you the freedom not to watch. 

Yeah, the fact about a mockery of Christmas being blasphemy is hilarious. Perhaps some Christians need to do some RESEARCH about how their religion bastardized and stole a pagan holiday! Merry F'ING Christmas... I am TOTALLY watching this episode now! 

I don't watch Glee but that sounds like an episode worth watching!! Props Glee!

What idiots!!! God doesn't exist, shut up and care for your kids!!

Yeah... give it up. How much sanctity can you keep in a holiday that starts by practically killing people to get a big screen TV for cheap. Hipocracy....that is what Xmas is all about.

The best part was Uniques performance and the song they used was fucking priceless! As for Sexy Santa playing the field with the apartment that was just hot - too bad he was a crook in the end but some damn fine eye candy before that!

Yeah, Jesus wasn't born at all because he didn't exist to begin with, so it really doesn't matter what date you celebrate christmas on. It is only the festival associated with the Persian god Mithra and many other pre-christian celebrations *shrugs* stop getting so uptight about it and go pray in your churches or whatever it is you idiots do.

Gay Christian here (yes, there are many of us.)  It's not ok for shows like GLEE, Family Guy and others to make fun of the dominant religion here in the states.  People should be complaining.  TV writers seem to think the only way to entertain people these days is to be offensive - that lacks creativity in writing and not caring about the audience that helps get you paid.

Great, now I know what I've been missing from "Glee." and now I know why I should watch it! Thanks One Million Moms!

Now I'm going to watch it

Gotta give it to the Million Moms, they sure can summarize what appears to have been one bitchin episode of Glee. Can't wait to catch up with this Christmas special.

Jesus was born in June. Santa is not in the bible. Just a little reality for you 61,055 ( million) moms.

I just laughed about it! I loved the episode! rs

Omg no way, well if you don't like it the turn it, I bet it's not to hard go do just push the channel on the remote . You guys really need a life,. And Stop bitching. News flash it's 2013 not 1901. No body got time 4 that . Why so bitter? Did glee turn your kids gay, wait silly me Noone can turn you gay your born that way. I'm so sick and tired of so called Christians bitch about this. What God are you talking about? The God I know loves every one, regardless what color,male, female, straight, gay, transsexuals, bi, he accepts you no matter what, ask for Pope he even agrees, and also their are so many more important issues than bitching about gay people , get a life, don't think your speaking for all Americans your not, don't like something don't listen, or watch case closed

Wow. I'm exhausted after attempting to decipher your response. I love that the topic brought up such passionate replies, but it's much easier to make your argument by applying a little more attention to detail to your grammar. Hmmmm... perhaps OMM should use some of their pent up energy to fight for better schooling for their children. I can't wait to discover what the future holds - we'll likely have a more accepting society, but we sure as heck won't be able to understand what anybody is saying.

Glad I wasn't the only one struggling there. Somebody needs to learn about your/you're, there/their/they're, and how to use periods.



Get Real! Have these people nothing better to "Bitch" about. It's TV it's just Fiction, Grow up!

Not all of us in this world give a Dam about Religious holiday's, That dose not mean we can't enjoy the holiday!

The episode was Great!!!!

I am soo watching this. Thanks for the publicity!

Now I definitely need to watch it!

I thought the episode was hysterical!

LOVE IT !! WELL DONE RYAN MURPHY. You gave them something to think about. GOOD GOOD GOOD !!

Stupid people, Jesus wasn't born on December 25th!!! Do some damn research!!!!

Sorry I missed it!!

Hint - video on demand.  It was bizarrely hysterical!

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