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More Hard-Bodied "Red Hot" Gingers Join Photographer Thomas Knight's Campaign Against Stigma

Back in October we got all hot and bothered over our first peek at photographer Thomas Knight's upcoming "Red Hot" exhibit. Now, as the show nears (it kicks off December 16 in London), Knight is giving us more drool-soliciting imagery to help dismantle the stigma that red-haired men face. 

"[Gingers] are completely emasculated and desexualized in popular culture," says Knight.

"The main thing for me is the huge polarization between the way our society perceives ginger men and ginger women," he adds. "You can name successful redheaded women in Hollywood. But with men, once you’ve said Damian Lewis, you’re stumped. There’s got to be a reason for that, because genetically it should be equal. But it hasn’t been allowed to happen. So I think the whole gingerism thing is a stealth form of acceptable racism that goes on in boardrooms, in authors’ minds. Look at Harry Potter – the redheads are the poor, weak family, the buffoons. If Harry Potter had been ginger, that would have been a different story."

A few more teases of the "Red Hot" show and it seems like Knight has really emphasized his point:



The problem with thomas knight's ( no "caps" on purpose! ) so-called "red hot campaign" is that not all red headed bucks are GAY!!! Yet thomas knight seems to believe that canonizing all red-haired men as "gay" is a great way to fight red hair's "stigma!!!" ??? Even in the "porn industry" ( which is INDEED still run, owned, and "governed" by none other than the Italian Mafioso - and we all know how the Italian Cosa Nostra feels about "red heads", don't we!!! ), red haired stags like myself can only "get into the biz" if they are GAY!!! And even THEN, they usually get "rejected" before they even get in the door!!! You see, the way the Mafia sees it, red hair and freckles are instant "disqualifiers!!!"  Even in the "Red Hair" section of any given porn website, you'll quickly notice that there are no red haired men ( except in a few GAY flicks, ofcourse! ) featured. And dam few ( if any ) of the featured red haired GIRLS are actual "red-heads!!! ( True "Gingers!!!" ) most of them are brunettes who have DYED their hair red!!! And that DOESN'T COUNT!!! Yeah, we all know how "The Family" ( The Mafioso ) FEELS about us "fire-caps" and "blood knots", don't we!!!

The sheer raw "injustice" of it all is enough to make just about ANYBODY'S blood boil!!! It also makes me want to start my OWN primarily "heterosexual" porn site featuring Ginger haired men AND women!!! Other folks would be welcome to "join in." And in the "porn biz", everybody has to have a perfectly formed penis. Man, once the smoke finally clears, only about 5 out of every 100 people will have "made the cut!!!" There are SO many people who are systematically "excluded!" This includes any and all "disabled" people, who may otherwise never get the chance to experience the sexual freedom so many of us take for granted!!! There's no excuse for ANY of this frequently encountered  discrimination!" 

loving the Ginger! Remember Robert Horton? from Wagon Train...

Beautiful human beings

There is nothing more beautiful in this world (or any other) than the human male body.  And some of the most beautiful of these humans are the redheads.  They are red because they are so f*****g hot.

LOVE GINGERS!!  bring em on please WOOF

gawd, that third guy is gold.

<3 can i have his instagram?

He is quite yummy, isn't he?

My partner (future Husband) is a ginger.  The stories he has told me about his childhood and the pains growing up a ginger along with the teasing he had to endure were absolutely horrifying.

Not only did he have to go through the teasing of being a ginger but throw the gay thing in on top of that!!

Yeah, there is a problem here that needs to be addressed and brought forward.

Thank you Thomas Knight for your beautiful art and for bringing this type of bullying into the forefront.

I agree with jeremiah! Some of my fav ex's and best lovers have been ginger kings! Always at the top of my list!!!

My husband is Ginger! Nerr nerr na nerr nerr! lol

Love, love, love gingers!!  They are sexy, and hot as fire!!

Hmmm. I know a few people that absolutely love red heads... to a point where it might be considered a fetish! However, I also know they aren't everyone's cup of tea...I didn't realize it was a stima. For me personally, attractiveness depends on the guy/girl and how they carry themselves... not the color of their hair. I don't know a lot of redheads, but the ones I know are all pretty cute. :) 

These men are beautiful!

i love gingers. bullying is wrong,  but any who are afraid of getting bullied, just dye your hair blond. oh wait.. really should show 'more' of them, and then watch what happens! Oh, Boy!

Great! Now I'm hungry. Thanks Instinct 

All colors & races are beautiful. Great work


Definition of activism: Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change, or stasis.

if you don't think there is stereotypes or stigmas about redheads then you haven't been paying attention. And I can't believe so many people are mad at Instinct for covering this...ever watched an episode of Glee??? They did an entire episode on red heads and the stigmas that they face. 

if you're going to take a stance, please do. But be educated and don't call out things like racism and bigotry where there is none. It makes your argument invalid and you sound ill informed. 

What a load of bollocks. Why don't you talk about something important? Like the stigma against people with HIV/AIDS, against Trans people, against blacks or Asians. No wonder there's so much hate against the community, we're too damn shallow and superficial. Get over it gingers, Ron Weasley isn't your champion. 

Chris I think you need to get out more.  There IS a stigma against "gingers" and this campaign has nothing to do with being shallow or superficial.  Try educating yourself before you post such idiotic statements.

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. There does very much exist stigma against red heads. I suffered a lot growing up with other kids shouting abuse at me and on several occasions even being very violent towards me. I take great offense to you saying that this sort of thing doesn't happen. Just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean it isn't real.

I don't know where people are getting off saying that there is no stigma against redheads. Comments saying that this article is disgusting for trying to defend a group of people is just cruel. My best friends 8 year old daughter tried cutting all her hair off to avoid being ridiculed for being a redhead. Ignoring an issue, or degrading it's importance, doesn't mean it stops existing. That's just perpetuating further acceptance of a hateful, discriminatory mindset. Choosing to accept every person and treat them equally should actually mean everyone.

Their all stunning :) Woof!

That second guy, the one in the jeans is beautiful.  WOW.

There is a stigma: many sperm banks won't even accept redheads. And in Asia and Africa, redheads have been ostracized and/or attacked. Do your research before speaking out of turn. (For the record, I'm only "half" ginger: brown hair and red beard. True redheads won't give me the title, and many think I dye my hair. Yes, it's a bit silly.)

These red heads are just plain gross!! As usual!!

shut the fuck up, your just some fat ass ugly fuck who just spends his time judging dudes you could never get with.....

Um excuse me your defending redheads then your being rude to fat people Hi... Im fat and I find your fat ass ugly fuck rant offensive! Fat people dont like to be called fat ass you dumb fuck we are part of the gay community too! I dont love being 6ft 307pds but its a reality just like being a redhead can we please just try and get along and not be rude assholes that diss others with our comments?

I think the attitude to red-headed men and women is totally sh1t these days. They cop it bad, it's absolutely disgusting some of the things people say about them. So what if they have a lighter complexion and red hair? Who gives a sh1t? I've had two redhead girlfriends and they were both gorgeous!

And I'd like to add - the way the term ginger is used these days is like the N word for redheads. Totally uncool!

PS - and who says there aren't any good looking redheaded boys? Michael C Hall anyone?

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Red Head stigma? This must be a satire article.

BTW these are HOT boys!


Instinct, I love you, but to call THIS "activism?!" That's really insulting to all of us who have dedicated our lives to the poor, starving and sick. This is "cutesy" at best. NOT activism.

Hot guys, but PLEASE STOP WITH THE TATTS!!!!!!

What's wrong with tats? It's art and expression. If you don't like it, shut up and look away

All these men are absolutely stunning....but I've never been attracted to someone because of the color of their hair or skin...for me it is always the eyes that grab me and capture my heart!

In hollywood, no actor was bigger than Van Johnson, in the 40s and 50s and broadway in the 80s,with La Cage au Folles, read up his bio, lived his last years alone in Beekman Place and was the most elegant American boy ever; Yes, VAN JOHNSON.....see ''Miracle in the Rain' with Deborah Kerr; 'In the good old Summertime' with Judy Garland, see 'Battleground' "Go for Broke', see 'The SState of the Union" with Hepburn and Tracy, see all the big MGM films

Never heard anyone not loving ginger guys. I mean they are by far the most sought after commodity of guys around here. 

Never heard anyone not loving ginger guys. I mean they are by far the most sought after commodity of guys around here. 

I have never found reds effeminate or de-sexualized...quite the opposite I find them red hot!  

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There's plenty of stigma about Blacks and Asians, but since you are so busy keeping your magazine lily white, you tackle a stigma over....redheads?!

Seriously, Instinct. There's a reason REAL gay men don't like things like you. And shallowness, racism, and above all, AVOIDANCE are NOT admirable traits.

You pegged it.  This is one reason I canceled my subscription.  Instinct is so biased and racist.


Amen!!! Geez I mean I love instinct but you nailed it. I hate when peor in the LGBT community don't really get involved in true activism but when they attempt it's stuff like this. I'll admit the boys are cute and this may have been a better article if written as why we love redheads or something else... But stigma of redheads?!?!

here here man, glad you said it. "Oh poor redheads" it's ridiculous! 



Pure beauty! Nature's most wonderful creations!

All these men are very hot! I've always been attracted to redheads.

Nothing like a Burning Bush to make me Happy.Long live the Gingers

I am such a ginger lover. The more the merrier.

I may just need to plan a trip to London a little later this month... time to cash in on those frequent flyer miles!

There are plenty of red heads in Texas. I'm sure you already know one!!!!

Hot Ginger




Stunning Indeed.  And those Irish Green Eyes to boot !    

Stigma against gingers? Serious? How utterly silly!!! Thank goodness I grew up in a family that doesn't give two tiddlywinks about race. Besides, I find gingers hot.

These men are absolutely stunning!

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