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Caption This: George W. Bush Shows Hillary Clinton His Paintings On Air Force One

These are the times when we want telepathy to be a thing. Or at least some version of a thing where we can look at a picture and know exactly what thoughts were going through the heads of all involved. 

What do you think Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Eric Holder are thinking as former President George W. Bush shows off his paintings on his IPad on the way back from Nelson Mandela's memorial?

Feel free to break down your thoughts for each individual:


Image Credit: The White House.  (H/T: The Wire via Towleroad)


this picture is great thanks for sharing this pic

all are good

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all people together nice


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Does you momma keep them on her fridge? 

Nice.  Now go surrender yourself to The Hague criminal court for war atrocities. And take Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perl, Woo, & Rice with you.  

Thats nice Georgie, now go play and let the adults work.

haha, right!

"You did these?  Well, THAT explains EVERYTHING!!!"  

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