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Bootylicious Florida Gators Quarterback Jeff Driskel Shows Off Jockstrap On Field

Updated Friday, Dec. 13 at 2 p.m. est

The above vision appears to be a Photoshopped miracle, unfortunately. But it doesn't mean that what Driskel actually brings to the football field is any less impressive. 



It's too bad this is likely the last sighting of the gorgeous Jeff Driskel in his jock and football tights we'll see for awhile (he's out the rest of the season on an injury), but at least he knows how to go out with a bang!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the reason we've started watching collegiate football!

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DAT BOOTY DOH!!! He needs some dark meat all up in that.

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In 20 years he will be out of the NFL and that booty will be SAGGING!

Speaking from personal experience, eh?

wow..I'd spank THAT azz!!! 

Still looks good to me!  Even the real picture!

Um...whoever designs the uniforms MUST know what can happen with this sheer and stretchy material ESpecially in white. Women and gays make up a bigger football audience than anyone would care to measure and there is definitely a marketing asspect to this. Bring it on.

Imagine the locker room and showers when that butt is stripped naked.

great for him. great ass. some are just flat and wish they have a ass like

that looks like a jock from Fort Troff.. one of them that pushes your ass out

As much as I'd love (love) for that ass to be real, it really is (as some have suggested) Photoshopped.

Here's the original, un-cropped, un-shopped photo:

Thanks for the original it more than ever ..Yessssssssssss!!!!

; }

That said, I'd still have a field day with this dude.

Muscle butt for sure!

McCoy QB Texas is not gay. He always wears jockstrap that looks HOT!!!!!  No matter what gay or straight can wear jockstrap whatever they wanted to protection the jewel parts.    I wore cup jockstrap when I played football.  Nothing is wrong with that!  

Is English your second language?

Wow!  Way to "contribute" to the conversation! 

I was genuinely curious. I am always fascinated the interesting ways people, who don't normally speak English, phrase their English. :-)  It is fun and cool. I have a German friend and when she writes to me I always get a smile when she messes it up. Usually I can tell what she is saying and sometimes I can't! :-)  That's all!

I have a Russian friend and it makes my day the way he talks. I always tell him not to apologize for his mistakes as I think it has a certain charm.

He doesn't have this much ass. Photoshop! 

Agreed... Photoshop! Although, a pretty good one.

PHOTOSHOP POLICE!! Someone perpetrating a fraud up in heah! 

Lickolisius !!!!!!!



I hope he's wearing panty liners cause a skid mark would be quite embarrassing. LOL!

Bigger than Dunbar! #twerk

Nice cakes up in that bakery!

WOW baby got Back

there is a male nurse on an documentary UK program...OMG! does he have a great ass

Dayum! Baby got back! Smother me with that ass Jeff!

Wait. Was someone complaining about the size of his ass? Turn on your Gay Card immediately!

Good gracious, ass is bodacious!!  lol

something is wrong there

baby got back

That ass is ridiculous. Someone needs to slow down on the fried chicken. Look how small his head looks compared to just one of those cheeks.

I'm assuming he plays tight end :-) get well soon

I'm assuming he plays tight end :-) get well soon

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