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Johnny Weir Apparently Works For The Russian Government

Well this explains (but not excuses) a few things.

Johnny Weir, the former figure skaters who's been tapped as a commentator for NBC during the Sochi Winter Olympics, apparently works for the Russian government.

Yep, the same Johnny Weir who called LGBT activists protesting Russia's heinous law against being gay in public "idiots" and who flippantly instructed his fellow gay men in the former Soviet to stop having "anal sex in front of libraries" and they'll be fine. 

Word of Johnny's work with Russia comes from Andy Humm at Gay City News, who checked out the athlete's bio at the Premiere Speakers Bureau. It reads in part (with bolding courtesy of Americablog):

Due to his ability to understand global art and culture and his sporting expertise, Weir has recently begun working as a Goodwill Sports Ambassador to Japan and also works with the Russian Children’s Welfare Society and Russian Consulate in New York City.

Aside from helping us understand why an openly gay public figure could be working so tirelessly to minimize Russia's war on gays, the resume bit also reveals a potential conflict of interest in Johnny's work with NBC. 

Americablog's John Aravosis does some fantastic work with the new information, writing:

Did NBC reveal Weir’s work with the Russian government when announcing that they’d hired him to provide commentary for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi? No. Here’s NBC’s press release. No mention of Weir’s work with the Russian government.

But surely when the NBC press release linked to Weir’s bio, people could have found a full disclosure of Weir’s ties to the Russian government there? Nope. Nothing in that particular bio about Weir’s work with the Russian consulate.

And while NBC and Weir could claim that the relationship was divulged in that other obscure bio that Humm just found, I’ve been unable to find anything beyond that one mention, and it’s a safe bet that a lot of NBC’s viewers are unaware of the relationship, as were most of us.

Stay tuned, as there are sure to be a lot of updates on this story!




He used to be so cute and boyish. Now like an old troll.

One more reason to not watch NBC and the Olympics come February. So NBC fires its top-rated Keith Obermann from his show on MSNBC for donating a paltry amount of money to a candidate, but keeps this jackass working for them. Working for a FOREIGN government and its network? NBC better look at its Standards and Practices book. Or at least update it. As for Weir, this so-called unethical but sel-absorbed poster child for the gay community will soon come crashing down. Like one day after the Sochi Winter Olympics...

Johnny's "work" with the RCWS is detailed right here on his official website. So a third party condensed his resume in a confusing way. Clearly that makes him a foreign agent. /sarcasm

Putin's Rohm?

This IDIOT needs to go away, this bitch thinks she knows what we (the gay community) want and need but she is sadly mistaken and another thing is she comes from a "privileged" background so they won't treat her the same way they treat regular citizen's so just because her sorry "superior" ass can go there and avoid being abducted and tortured off the "regular" streets does not mean everything is ok over there she needs to be slapped real hard! I would DARE her to walk (not as himself though but dressed as a citizen) and act as feminine as he does here in the states and see what happens, this dumb ass forgets he lives here with us where he is afforded our gay right to be ourselves here.

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