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FOX News Anchor Megyn Kelly Wants To Make It Clear That Santa Claus & Jesus Are White

FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly wants to make it clear to viewers that Santa Claus is white--and so is Jesus. 

And that's just the way it is. Watch!

Someone may want to remind Megyn that Santa isn't real and really could be any race. (That's how imagination works.)

As for Jesus--she might be surprised to find that that Middle Eastern man wasn't quite as white as she thinks (or hopes?). 

We also love that none of the commentators that she's speaking to even blink as she makes these statements. 

Thanks, FOX News!!


Image Source (H/T: NNNext)


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Why can't there be a Santa from the South Pole who is black as well as a Santa from the North Pole who is white? 

BTW, Jesus is not a historical figure; he's a mythological figure. 

“How do you change Santa from white to black?” - Well pretty much the same way you changed ‘Jesus’ from middle eastern to white. Love that she inadvertently and unintentionally puts ‘Jesus’ in the same context as Santa. 

Jesus isn't even real. As for the origins of Santa Claus, there are actual stories relating to him about a real man that did certain things. Do your research people: especially the fucktards at FOX

Do YOUR research F______!!!!!

As with Jesus its what he represents not what he looks like . And I figure he would like the people born in that day and age and of the parents he was born to which would be the Blessed Mother Mary & St. Joseph

The point was we should not change the color of a person skin. It would be the same if I change the color of martin Luther king skin because as a Latino I can't lined my self with him, can't  find empowerment with his words because he's African American stop the PC and just love a person for who they are, 


Was it Welsh or Norwegian , it was a long time ago that I heard about the tradition & @ Vic thats what I heard about the tradition .As I remember they a a leather bound hard copy book on all the traditions of Christmas around the world . Beautiful book with beautiful illustrations and all . I wish I knew the name of the publishing . I would say it was in the 60s that I remember seeing it .

"verified historical fact"?!  In that case you should know JESUS was NOT white.  And since St Nicholas (from Turkey therefore not white) and the Norse God Oden (most likely white) were combined to create Santa, he therefore would be mixed race at least.  

Santa is real, he was a bishop and his name was Nicolas he went around England and would leave money and Food on the doors steps of poor and sick he made his name because he would leave extra gifts for children of those family,unfortunately he was white and maybe Jesus was not white but more middle eastern but we should not change a person race creed or sexual orientation to gain followers, would one change the race of any gay leaders or change their personal struggles just to be more favorable to the masses? 

Nope.  Not white.

Here's some artwork the 1400s/1500s depicting St. Nicolas:

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