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Porn Industry Lifts Production Moratorium Following Performer Testing HIV-Positive

The moratorium on porn production that was put in place on December 6 by the porn producers that make up the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) was lifted on Friday, but there appears to still be some dissent as to whether performers should return to work. The moratorium was lifted only a week after a performer tested positive for HIV and is the third moratorium this year. 

The Huffington Post writes:

Porn performer Cindy Starfall said Friday that she thinks the moratorium was lifted too early and that, as a precaution, she will wait another week before returning to set.

"Lifting the moratorium in such a hurry makes me wonder if they really care about the performer's health or is it more about profit," Starfall said to The Huffington Post.

"Over time, I have saved money for times like this so I'm not in a rush to get back to work," she said. "Money is not everything when you are not in good health."

Porn performer Nina Hartley said she is comfortable going back to work. "The system worked as it was designed to: a performer became infected and, thanks to the every-two-week testing protocols, he was identified immediately and people were notified," Hartley said.

"HIV is in the world, and performers are human," she said.

A male porn performer, who wishes to remain anonymous, called the HIV incident "unfortunate and vexing" but said he is comfortable going back to work. "I still look at each shoot individually, and I respect any performer's choice to wait," he said.

What do you think, Instincters? Is it too soon to return to business as usual or have the proper precautions been taken?


They get EXACTLY what they deserve!

Anyone who does porn is absolutely worthless and should be put down like an old dog!

I think the anonymity and polarization of the last comment is how the porn industry sells their material.  So I would expect to see that by-line.  In spite of that, Hartley's comment is spot on.  The rest of the article boils down to putting your body on the line for profit--your's one one another's, which is why  I find this article truly "unfortunate and vexing" for anyone that regularly gets tested and can be adult enough to have an open conversation about something as mutable as HIV/AIDS.

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