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Evan Peters' Bare Butt Casts A Spell On 'American Horror Story: Coven'

Wednesday night on American Horror Story: Coven, Evan Peters' character Kyle went a little cray and his butt came out to play! 

It was inarguably the least terrifying thing about last night's episode. GIFs!!!


(H/T: WOW)


I dont think rhats his ass

Now thats an ass to watch>>>

Me too!

Yeah that's bubble butt casts a spell on everyone!

What a delicious piece of a$$

Wow! That's a lot of junk in the trunk. YUMMY! What's this show, again? 

Now THATS naked! Our Frat boy Frankenstein had to loose it at some point, and it was worth it!

I'm going to have to start watching more tv!

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