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Kellan Lutz Slays In Steamy New Shirtless Trailer For 'Hercules: The Legend Begins'

Not too long ago we showed you the teaser for the new Hercules: The Legend Begins film, and just in time for the holidays (Merry Christmas to all of us!), the full trailer is here.

All the abs, beards and shirtlessness that is in this trailer is sure to make the season bright!

Check it out below (you're welcome):



We'll be adding this to our collection, right beside Showgirls, as soon as the DVD hits shelves. Not to mention, getting our tickets ASAP when it hits theaters January 10.

Are you looking forward to the film, Instincters?


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Kellen Lutz does nothing for me. His Ego is bigger than him and his pecks. That sort of thing makes a man UGLY

Love it.  Wish it was  rated R  like   it would have been before  the U.S. got  so prissy! (lol)

I am!

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