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Secret Santa Co-Worker Raises The Bar w/ Stripping Santa Gift

The Secret Santa bar has been raised!!  An agent at MTA surprised one of his co-workers with a special Secret Santa male strip tease and dancer Quinn is sharing the video!

MTA Xmas Party from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

Quinn writes:

My agents contacted me a few days before this saying that they were doing a silly Santa surprise for one of the other agents and wanted to know if I would come surprise him with a go go dance. And well, when your agent asks for a favor, you do what you can to make them happy! LOL. It was really fun and silly. This is just an iphone clip.

Quinn, we see lots of work in your future.

Instincters, there's technically still time for you to replicate this gift in your own offices. We certainly wouldn't mind if it happened in ours...

Hint hint.

Also, as luck would have it, Quinn has an Instagram account so check it out. Happy Holidays, indeed!



(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Oh what I would give to be that guy in the chair 

It looks like it is below his HAPPY TRAIL!

Santa has a big package for someone!

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