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'Duck Dynasty' Star On Gays: "Don't Deceive Yourself, It's Not Right"

Phil Robertson, the 67-year old patriarch of the hit reality TV family that makes up Duck Dynasty, goes off on a homophobic tangent in a new interview appearing in GQ

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus," Robertson said. "That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine," he continued. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

GLAAD wasted no time in issuing a statement holding the arguably biggest reality TV star of the moment accountable for the blatant bigotry. 

"Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil's lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe," said GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz. "He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans—and Americans—who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families."

Considering the broad and substantial fan base Duck Dynasty has attracted, it would be an understatement to say that Phil's offensive comments are disappointing. They're, quite frankly, dangerous, stoking latent homophobia flames that pop-culture has largely helped contain. Here's hoping the younger Duck Dynasty stars aren't as backward and can repair the mindset the aging bigot may have impressed upon millions of Americans. 


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The writer misuses the world 'homophobia' as is usual. It's a non-word anyway. It means whatever the person who uses it wants it to mean. It's a cheap insult meant at slandering the opposition and silencing them. It's tired and it doesn't work anymore.

What you have reported Phil Robertson as saying is the truth. He is not 'homophobic' but the writer has a phobia against Mr Robertson's faith, against morals and against nature.

Look at yourself before you judge others.

Every day I thank God that I was not born into a family like this.  If not for organizations like the Trevor Foundation, suicide would probably be the only way to escape.

I don't know this man.  I don't watch this show & I have not read his full interview in GQ, but what I have read & heard in blog postings & news shows is nothing short of ignorant.  His comments about gay sex being sinful & comparing it to bestiality & his views on black people being happy before the civil rights movement are ignorant.  He may well be a product of his environment & has most likely had only a small first hand exposure to gay people & black people in his life.  When you are told your whole life, by your parents, teachers, churches & other authority figures that something is bad, wrong, or sinful, you are likely to adopt that line of thinking.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad person, but his comments prove that he is misguided at best & at worst homophobic & racist & ignorant.  He is entitled to his opinion, even if it is wrong, but if you choose to make statements like this on the world stage, then you should be prepared for other people to exercise their rights to their opinions too.  His words have shed new light on an important discussion that includes free speech, homophobia, racism & the state of people's priorities in this country.  I hope that this man seriously explores why his remarks are creating such controversy & that he examines those reasons & hopefully learns something from this.  A&E have done the right thing & at great risk to themselves.  Homophobia & racism should not be tolerated & people MUST be educated on that.  If you excuse this man's comments & views, you are by & large supporting his comments & views.

It is time for this kind of attitude to end.  Ignorance can be cured by education.  We must keep fighting.

I am NOT sure why GLADD Is so worried about a reality show that has NOTHING to offer them??? I AM SURE none of you have EVER have watch the tell me why would you care ? you said you didn't want your children to hear about what people think about your life style well people DON'T like a lot of peoples life styles why is yours more important unless you are ashamed of it and you know it is wrong , by you trying to take OUR beliefs away to try and make everyone accept your life style you are going to crash and burn BECAUSE you are being shellfish and self consumed and NOT caring about other peoples beliefs .This is NOT going to help your quest it is already hurting it you can lash out at me but I have gays in my family 1 died of aids THEY NEVER where selfish enough to try and lie and hurt people

Anyone who is straight, that would go thru this length to post on a gay sight, especially in such pathetic form is classified as a loser in any realm.

Get a life you worthless spec of nothing.

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They have the right to their own opinions just u do. Dont have to agree just agree to disagree. Its what makes the world a colorful mix of differences! As a gay man i am appalled at how the gay community is is trying to push their beliefs on the the rest of the world. Isnt that EXACTLY what we dont want others to do to us?!? Ijs noh8 doesnt mean u have the right to persecute one based simply on what they believe in. Its their right to have an individual opinion. And its ok to dislike it and do nothing- it just means u respect them enough to agree to disagree.

He has a right to his own opinion ! What the hell happend to freedom of speech?! What gives people the right to tell him that he doesn't have the right to speak His truth. It doesn't mean that you have to accept it as yours! I don't agree with what he said but he is entitled to his right to express how he feel. Fucking ridiculous to me! I have experienced racism my whole life but I do not and refuse to except it as a truth. Quit being uber sensitive about what others only means that you are uncomfortable with who you are!

He said vaginas are more desirable than a b hole? Well I'm a lesbian and I too think vaginas are more desirable than b holes..... Im sure he would be lying if he said he never got off on girl on girl porn....

I am so disappointed in Phil Robertson's comments.  They don't reflect Christian love or and understanding of the GLBTQ community.  I enjoy the show and am disappointed!

Honestly I hate that show... I hate walmart for pushing all the DD merchandise like they do and another big box store that does the same... As far as I see it they have a gay side cuz a duck call is about 6", round, & hard, that they blow on...

Everybody here should should just get off their high horses cause this happens all the time wether it be celebrities or unknowns. This is America, land of to many privileges and way to much freedom, so what's the big deal if you have issues with it, then talk to God about it and humbly accept the criticism and move on with your lives. Love wins and hate motivates, just make the right choice and always be constructive  cause nobody here is perfect. So if I may let me build my home the way I want to but make one thing sure my door is always open regardless of any kind of preference. 

A&E is a FOR PROFIT organization.  A&E will not cancel this show folks.  Those who think otherwise are kidding themselves.  Also, I don't see a similar responses in the media to shows like Family Guy, which blatantly mocks, demeans and perpetuates stereotypes of the LGBT community on a regular basis.  Things that make you go hmmm....

Bulldog you're a moron. Seth McFarland is a huge supporter of gay rights. He pokes fun at issues like race and homophobia because it's perpetuated by our society and he is parodying that. Us gay men poke fun at ourselves too. It's when the poking fun turns into hate. Telling people the life they live is wrong and they'll go to hell is hate speech and much different then simply poking fun at a stereotype. 

Agree with him or not, by the way I do not, he has his rights. He can state his opinion. This is America and he still has the right of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. With that being said, here is my opinion, all this attention to what he said is only going to fuel him. Believe me for all that choose to not back him there are just as many who do. The best thing to do is completely ignore his ignorance on the subject or try and reach out with knowledge to educate him. He says he is only spreading the Bible, well my Bible says to love others, not judge others and that in my God's eyes, all sin in the same. If he sees being gay as a sin, well then his judgment of others is also a sin and in the lord's eyes they are the same. Spread love, he needs to and so do each of you! Spread love! 

Yes, he has the right to speak freely. There are also responsibilities that go with that right. There is also a cost to free speech. People love the rights, but don't want to pay the costs.

That, and he is an employee of A&E, and this probably violated his contract.

This man certainly does have the right to state his opinion. I also have the right to not watch his show.

If it' s "not right", then it must be left.  I was not only born gay, I was also born left ( handed, that is).  Look's like I have two strikes against me.

I have never watched this show, however being a gay man, I do believe that he has the right to his opinion and calling him a bigot or anything else for that matter only stoops to his level. This righteousness that we (gays) have recently is what I actually find intolerable. Every person has the right to their own beliefs and if his is of intolerance then so be it! And if gay men and women would stop living up to the stereotype of drug using, sexual fiends , prostitution, and well just about every other stereotype that has been heeled onto us I think the world would see our lifestyle as something different!! 

Nothing worse than a self loathing gay man....LORENZO

They look like closeted gay-folk to me.

GOD is like SANTA CLAUS. Religion is for those that are too weak minded, or too lazy to find answers for themselves. Why is the sky blue? GOD! . . . Why does the grass grow? GOD! Who went into my chest, and stopped my heart attack. Taking 8, painstaking hours to repair damage? GOD. . . Oh LAWD, it was a murricle. . . 'Murica. . peace out.

What has our world come to where someone cannot use freedom of speech... This is his opinion. Why is he being condemned for it? Because it is not "politically correct" No one is born gay. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. But being 'Gay' is mearly another sin that one commits. A sin that is no worse than adultery, pre-marital sex, drug abuse, murder. These sins are all the same in our Heavenly Fathers eyes. And he loves everyone, even people who live in sin('gay' people, murderers, and adulterers'). Finally if 'gay' people think he should not be aloud to speak his opinion, but yet they speak there's. It shows their own ignorance, everyone is entitled to share their opinion. It is also a constitutional right protected by the United States Constitution. 

Can't even use "they're, their and there" like most of us learned in elementary school, and yet wants to teach the rest of us about "what is RIGHT".... This is why I don't want ignorant assholes telling ME what's correct. Fail.....

He has a masters and speaks the truth haha the fail is on you!

Can't even use "they're, their and there" like most of us learned in elementary school, and yet wants to teach the rest of us about "what is RIGHT".... This is why I don't want ignorant assholes telling ME what's correct. Fail.....

He didn't type or physically write the response to the question Deon.  It was an in person interview that was recorded/documented by the reporting source and published.  Is that not obvious?  You fail at reading comprehension and recognizing context.

He is not being charged with a crime by the state.  You are perfectly right that he has the right to say whatever he likes no matter how intolerant, ignorant or incorrect.  He is, however, being tried by the court of public opinion - a court not beholden to the constitution; and in this court, a jury of his rational peers has found him guilty.  This makes me happy.

I was born gay. And if you don't believe me, that shouldn't be my problem. Furthermore, as a non-Christian, the Judeo-Christian view of 'sin' means very little to me. I have a very strong sense of morality, but for me it's not about a bunch of 2,000 year old rules; rather, it's about being kind to one another, allowing every citizen of the planet to be their authentic selves, and doing my best not to harm anyone. Being gay only hurts those whose small minds can't deal with human diversity - but not even then, as those small-minded people are really just hurting themselves.

Frankly I think he has the right to his own opinion. Just because he's on tv doesn't make it a crime I mean there's a lot more bigots then just the ones on tv and no one gives that big of a hoot. I think those who can't handle someone's opinion regardless of fame should be ashamed. Just an opinion. 

And A&E has the right to let him go.

Yes they do, however it's silly they'd fire him over an opinion yet keep oh so many other shows that are ten times worse. And yes in the bible it does state that homosexuality is a sin, so if he goes by what he reads then so be it.  I think everyone needs to grow up and move on, it's one mans opinion and raging at him on the internet or kicking him off a show isn't going to change his mind, it might actually fuel his dislike. Also if I do recall he never had an issue with interacting with a gay person. He might not agree but it doesn't mean he'll exclude them and not talk to them. One never knows. 

Also those who simply stopped watching because of an answer and honest to god answer seems to be ridiculous. I will continue watching as a fan of Phil is and jase bit that doesn't mean I agree because I know people will try to hold that to me. 

Hate the sin, not the sinner. In this case, throwing it back in the face of those who usually use the phrase. (sic)

I feel that he should not say things that he does not understand, but that is what rednecks think.  If he is such a Christian then he should love people instead of making fun of people.

He did claim to not understand same sex attraction and the act of same sex intercourse.  However, I don't see where he mocked it.  Was he direct and poignant, yes.  Mocking...I'm not seeing it.

Bulldog you see things with your eyes wide open. Good for you.

I as a gay man watched this show, however I will chose to forgive Phil's remarks, because God is about forgiving...However I will no longer participate within the watching of the show Duck Dynasty..  I support love,forgiveness,understanding,equality for all.  I can not in good faith support a program or person who claims to be Christian or use's scripture to verbally attack and disgrace a group of people.  There is one judge and that's God, so set down and let God do his job..  

The show is Christian, but it is not the show that attacked your "group of people" yet it is a person. You saying that you will stop watching the show is your choice, and you can do what you please. However when you say "disgrace a group of people" I'm going to assume you are talking about 'gay' people(I will explain why it is in quotes later) which is unfair because there is really no such thing as 'gay' people because no one is born gay. Being gay, is just another sin. And it is no worse than being a adulterer or a thief. God looks at all of us the same. Now if you call yourself a Christian(which from my interpretation of your comment it seems to me that you are) you are morally obligation to "not only hear these words of mine but do them" in regards to the Bible. You said that he used scripture when attacking the 'gay' people. Which cannot be seen in this article, and if he did. And you are a Christian, you have a moral obligation to read and follow through with what The Word says. 

Shut the f..k up!  You're an idiot!

Oh Just to clear one thing up, I as a gay man have slept with a woman... And the answer to the age old question, a Vagina  is totally different than an anus. However there are many straight men who like female anus and plenty of females who like it in the anus..  It's just not a Gay thing...  Just saying..  Anal sex regardless of who is the pitcher and who is the receiver, it's been happening in the straight community as long as it has been happening in the gay community... 

why are we allowed to write anything we want, bad stuff against these guys etc.. when they were asked a question and answered it. I don't agree with the answer but everyone is intitled to speak their minds.

Goodbye Duck Dynasty

Seriously people need to chill out. People can have their opinions. People like reasons to get worked up and get mad. If someone on tv talked about how they hate white women and think they shouldn't have rights, id just simply laugh cause I know they're wrong. There's more serious things going on in the world then a reality tv star saying something offensive. That shit happens all the time. Get the fuck over it. There's bigger horrible things happening out in the world. Why don't you go protest and get worked up about things you can change. You can't change people's beliefs. 

White women have rights moron. Lgbt folks are fighting for theirs. You can't change peoples beliefs? Really? You have never changed a personal belief? You are that close minded? So nobody has ever changed their beliefs about african american rights? How about womens rights? How did that come about? Someone had to change their mind.

Sometimes old school is bad school.  Forgive the man, wish him a better self acceptance, and move on.  Remember, only those deeply upset with their own disillusioned reality created out of the egoic mind lash out at others.  Peaceful lives/minds do not beget anger and resentment.  So, just be thankful your life is what it is and let the old guy be.

I am off to make something nice for dinner for my husband and avoid all reality TV as always  :)

Just exercising his constitutional rights. 

Yep. Which is why he hasn't been arrested but rather thrown off the network. That's how free speech works.

Let's help you understand your 1st Amendment Right...Part I, you have the right to freedom of expression; Part II, unless that freedom infringes on the rights if others. When one uses hate speech in public, it infringes on others rights to express themselves. Thus, keep your opinions in your private spaces and away from the public. We all have the same right as that sir. 

Stay In Your Lane: He did express his opinion in a private interview (probably in the privacy of his own home).  The magazine/media reporter and organization chose to post his response and comments.  Your issue should be with them.


Yes and A&E as a private company has a right not to support it by taking away his show. 

Theres nothing worse then an abusive drunkard who finds religion.

I used to watch the show, but it passed the point of "reality" a long time ago. It is way too produced and sounds too rehearsed. I used to like Phil, too, but it seems he missed the part of his religion that states the 7 sins, two of which are greed and gluttony. The show has plenty of that in it.

Everyone is absolutely entitled to there own beliefs and thoughts, we were all given free will. However, I am surrounded in my life by straight people, gay people, black people, Spanish people, etc... I love every single one of them and they make up my life as a whole. I will not identify myself as any of these demographics because they are ALL created equal. For these Christian people from Duck Dynasty who have been made out to be idols and the current Reality TV fad, shouldn't you practice to be more appreciative of what you have and have been given? People from all of these classifications of humans have contributed to your success. You should be a little more open to the publics you have been exposed to outside of your swamplands of Louisiana. As for A&E, I certainly understand these aren't the ideas or practices you follow however, I would hope you wouldn't continue to encourage disgraceful television based on people with such hurtful and biased beliefs. I can assure you that I certainly won't pursue your station any longer with them still running on it.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion...we live in a country of FREE speech!  At least he is expressing his opinion and not lying!!!

I completely agree with you. Everyone has the freedom of speech, but unfortunately that doesn't mean that what you say will not have consequences when it runs in the public eye. Some people think that because you have the right to say many things that you are therefore also exempt from public criticisms; when in reality, you are not.

The really sad thing is that people actually LOVE this kook and his brood. Look at all the products they've branded now.

I personally couldn't care less what the bozo thinks. But he's got a huge following and a huge franchise. That means a huge platform to promote his ignorance. Give me a petition to get A&E to get them off the air, and I'll sign it.

Any gay person that defends these people is a traitor. Further, really sick of people saying we need to respect and tolerate hatred. Nope. I don't. At ALL.

I hope he is treating his slaves well, as per the bible.

If he had any kind of belief in god, he would kn that God is the only one to judge. God has put so many different types of people on this earth to see how we get along with one another, he is ignorant

F##K Dynasty!  Who cares what these rejects from Deliverance think about ANYTHING!  The lot together couldn't form a complete sentence. Go crawl back in the trees from whence you fell from, buckos.

Hate to break it to you, but they all have graduated college.. My guess is they can put together a sentence or two..

Who Cares? It is his right to have an opinion or view anyone how he wishes. I do not agree with his views at all however, it is his right to do so. I'm gay and hunt and as if this individuals voice matters. Be your own destiny, until then just Hunt and Dance. Happy Hunting Friends.  James 

You need too learn tolerance too. You condemn anyone who disagrees with you, and do all you can to eviscerate them. Respect other peoples believes too.

Tolerance doesn't mean taking it from a religiously fueled bully. 

Hating gay people is not a belief. It is nothing more than a vile and repugnant way of life for fanatical bigots. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

Thanks for proving my point. No respect or tolerance for anyone that doesn't share your views. Stop promoting hate, and hate filled rhetoric.

who cares what these hillbillies have to say....just look at the state of them!

Cavemen have following? Lol

They are backwoods beyond the meaning of rednecks as it is. 

Could careless what they think . The problem is they are the fad right now so they shouldn't be bashing us on interviews. 

Thanks for your support A&E

It would be more of a news story if they said they were for it, or if they had a gay friend, or whomever. 

This is why siblings shouldn't breed!!!

Wow realy because I see you guys as a bunch of bullshit and your all fack k you don't know anything about beeing gay

Consider the source...

Oh good grief.  If we have learned anything -- I would hope we are learning that these types of views are not in line with Christ's teachings and are bigoted hate filled remarks that do nothing more than cause more damage and separation.  Get with the program Phil, those views are what we call hate.

Are we surprised that he is spewing ignorance to the max?

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