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Alabama: Two Men Accused Of Keeping 9-Year Old Boy Captive As A Sex Slave

Carl Herold and Charles Dunnavant are being held in jail on $1 million bond for allegedly keeping Herold's 9-year-old son captive as a sex slave for many months. 

Huffpo reports:

Investigators say suspects Carl Herold and Charles Dunnavant lived together in Huntsville (Alabama) and that the victimized child Herold's son, according to WZDX.

Hundreds of pornographic images of children were allegedly discovered, authorities told the station. Some of the photos may include images of the boy who lived in the home, the Associated Press said.

Herold is charged with two counts of sodomy, aggravated child abuse and three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12, WHNT reported.

Dunnavant is charged with sodomy, sexual torture, aggravated child abuse and transmitting or exposing someone to a sexually transmitted disease.

Investigators say that from April 2013, nobody reports having contact with the boy except for his father and Dunnavant. 



As a survivor from onslaught of attacks from my Uncles, Lifeguards and adult males in my childhood, I must say that with time and open discussion, this child will recover. I am more worried that this child will blame himself for causing harm to his parent. The boy will not be wanted by his parents, foster parents, or his extended family because of the blame and “GAY” stigma surrounding this rape. The boy did nothing to deserve this torture but he will have the scares of a life time. Stop the hate against the boy; blame the adults and work to recover the damage. Hate = Hate so work to improve Love.

you are soooo full of shit!!

I have met half a dozen EXACTLY like you in the gay world who claim to be RAAAAPED, by more than one man.

What makes this soooo obvious that you are a lying queen, is the amount of times, by the amount of different men you claim sexually assaulted you.

You are an embarrassment and a joke to the gay community. We all laugh at you.

You are so ugly I bet you wish men would rape you.

Who`s blaming the boy? Anyone doing so is just as GUILTY as these 2 pieces of shit and need some serious therapy themselves.

That, my friends, is the face of NAMBLA. Slice it any way you like.

Why is Instinct posting this story? This is not a gay story its a child molestation story. I think it's a bad idea to even post such a horrible story. Stick to shirtless guys singing on you tube.

While it is a child molestation story, unfortunately it was gay men who did the evil act, therefore, making it a news event pertaining to the GLBT community because it is sick people like this that causes such stigma for the rest of us.

I see nothing about them being gay or sleeping with men.  They rape children, and that makes them pedophiles only.

Plenty of hate here. its so sad for this young boy. the guys who did this are truly sick and have some serious issues. they should not be able to be free to hurt people again and cannot be trusted for a second chance, however the hate spewing from people's comments is frightening to me. the anger  of people commenting is saddening. 

Amen hate=hate 

Well if they get raped for a lifetime in prison… They had coming.

I sure wish they get raped for the pain they had caused. I still can't believe that a father would even use his own child as a toy for his own amusement. What ever happens to them, they had it coming.

These assholes will get theirs!... I hear nobody in prison likes guys who hurt Children and Woman... I hope Bubba gets a hold of them in jail... MOTHER! FUCKERS!

Any prison time is pretty much a death sentence for the likes of these guys. It is true what you heard, child molestors are deeply hated in prison. They will have to spend the rest of their lives in solitary, or being brutally raped assaulted and possibly murdered in gen pop. 

Take 'em out back and put a bullet in the back of their heads.  Pure and simple.  

The sad part is that the child is the one who will pay for the adults crime. They deserve to be exposed to the same treatment, an eye for an eye!

It is so sad to see this!! These guys will get what's coming to them in prison. Sadly, I pray that this child will not go down the path of his abusers and he will find the strength and courage to heal.

yeah they'll be occasionally beat and gang raped in prison but its not enough nothing short of live impalement would fit the crime

They will get off easy however the child has to live his life with those horrible memories, his "parents" were the ones who hurt him, sad to see how humans could act like beasts.  

I'm simply disgusted by this. There are no words that come to mind, at least nothing tactful. I hope they get what's coming to them in prison.

Why do people always jump to the death penalty? There are things worse than death and people like this deserve just that. I would gladly pay my taxes and have them go to prolonging a hellish experience of life imprisonment without a chance for parole for them. Day after day in a cell, WITH the general population, because then they would be put through far worse than what they kid to that boy.

Let them rot in prison! Child molesters are not treated kindly in prison, especially by other inmates. 

I hope they die and rot in hell

No, it will be life imprisonment for them; the truly sad part is that it will be for the boy as well.

Meant to put arrows pointing down. I agree with the first comment.


death penalty 

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