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Petition That Calls For Ban Of Illinois Politicians At Chicago Pride Gains Steam After Marriage Disappointment

Should Illinois lawmakers who so infamously fumbled the biggest marriage equality chance in the state yet late last month be allowed to march alongside the same community they let down?

Many in the LGBT community have answered the above question with a resounding "NO" in an online petition that has popped up calling for a ban on Illinois lawmakers in the 2013 Chicago Pride Parade. distils a few of the petitioners comments for us:

Comments include this from Brad of Chicago, "Support us and we will support you."

And another from Mark of Chicago, "I find it inconceivable that politicians march in our parade, year after year, trying to garner our votes. But when the time comes that we finally need something from them, they turn our backs on us."

Paul of Rockford offered this suggestion, "If the politicians are not denied, the next best possible demonstration by the community would be for everyone to turn their backs and stand silently as the make their ways through the parade route."

The petition (found here) was just 367 signatures short of hitting its 1,500 goal early as of this writing. 

Do you think Illinois politicians should be banned from marching at Pride for failing to pass marriage equality?



I think there should be banners naming names of for and against.

I stand with the "family" of Chicago Pride.

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