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New Zealand Banned Commercial: Deck Maintenance!

A friend once told us that if you want to talk with a New Zealand accent, just replace your "e" sounds with "i" sounds. For example, "text" becomes "tixt" and voila, you sound like a Kiwi!

This exercise is used to hilarious effect in this satirical video from New Zealand (and courtesy of our friends at Towleroad).

In case you were curious about how to best take care of your deck, this guy's here to show you! 

Keep your deck clean, Instincters! 


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Haha I'm  Aussie so I find this so funny I nearly wet me pants :P

Dont be so butthurt you whingebag kiwis

i am not bothered by his way of saying deck as dick.

what bothered me most is his toupee. that hairstyle should move and there is a certain bounce and fluffiness. no motion bounce or move at all.

What a load of crap !! Check your accents, Australians are the ones that say sex for six ! 

Australians say six, for six. Kiwi's say sex for six

Your a fucking idiot If you think kiwis say tixts for text

I'm from Southern England and NZers says Teeixt for Text

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