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Robbie Rogers: No Gay Soccer Players Have Reached Out To Me

LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers acknowledges that while he's received a huge amount of support following his decision to come out as gay back in February, no other gay soccer players have reached out.

Robbie tells BBC:

"I haven't received a letter or text or anything from one footballer that wants to talk about these issues," he said.

He thinks that is because players are too scared to do so.

"I've received phone calls and I've spoken with all my friends here in the UK and around the world that have supported me, but I haven't had one message from a [gay] footballer," he told BBC Newsnight.

"It reminds me of the fear that I had - you remember that atmosphere and how it made you feel. It just shows there's a huge problem.

"What do you do to change that, do you try to support them to create an environment that would support them to come out and they would feel comfortable in? It's really tough."

So what do you think? Is it fear that's keeping other gay soccer players from coming out or even reaching out to the sport's one openly gay player? Is it possible there are no other closeted players currently playing the game?

How do we work to make the environment safer for players to feel like they can be open?


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Thank you for your courage as an example to many who are still deep in the closet.  I am an ice hockey player that is petrified much as you were.  There is a price for being OUT.  I know as you have stated that once OUT all issues seem to go by the wayside.  I have discovered that there are many ice hockey players that are SHY about their sexuality.  My boyfriend used to come watch me play and it seemed not to be an issue.  In fact, at another rink, I brought a separate guy as a date to the league XMAS party.  It was a hoot.  

At a later time, I had a fellow player come OUT to me.  He was also petrified.  He was in tears.  I was honored that he chose me to disclose not only his sexuality but his desire to be OUT.  I saw him later at a local mall  with his boyfriend and he was beaming ear to ear . . . relieved of the burden of the closet.  Let's get that door open to the closet ALL the way so that our manhood is no longer linked to our sexuality and our ability to be a great sportsmen.   

Or maybe they don't want to talk to someone they don't know

According to the law of averages, there should be plenty of gay closeted footballers, and by closeted I mean the dark "warehouse-sized walk-in closet" kind.

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