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Did Madonna Just Name Beyonce Queen??

We definitely "Aww"-ed when we saw this picture of Beyonce kissing Madonna's adorable daughter Mercy James at her concert in New York City last night, but we audibly GASPED when we read the photo's caption on Madge's Instagram account! 

Queen of Pop Madonna writes:

"Mercy James gets a big fat one from the Queen. B !"

QUEEN?! We're pretty sure every female popstar stan-base just exploded. 

Has Queen Madonna officially named her successor? Talk amongst yourselves, fans.


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None of these people even matter...why can't our queens be someone like Elizabeth Warren or a person that is actually important...not a pop star? Just sayin...


i just think this is sweet period!!

nobody can replace Madonna, least of all Beyonce!! She's fierce and talented and you could say she's the queen of R & B but full all out Queen of Pop?? No honey, that's still Madonna.

Her Majesty Sasha Fierce..

Basil... the comment says "Queen" period and than "B!" 

Madonna called her Queen B because everyone else calls her Queen B.

Oh calm down.

GET A Grip! 

HRH Madonna Was Just Being Nice!!! 

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