'Duck Dynasty' Creator Played A Gay Porn Star In "The Fluffer"

With Duck Dynasty the talk of the town, it's no surprise that anyone associated with the show is under a media microscope right now. Scott Gurney, the show's creator, is no exception. Back in 2001, before he inflicted Duck Dynasty upon the Wal Mart masses, Scott starred as a gay-for-pay porn star in The Fluffer, which had a limited theatrical run at such festivals as the Toronto Film Festival. 

Buzz Feed investigates:

I called Gurney Productions — which Gurney founded in 2005 with his wife, Deirdre — to ask for a comment. I was told no one gets connected to Scott on the phone, and I should send an email. (I did.) A spokesman for A&E also didn’t immediately return an email requesting a comment.

Gurney’s character in The Fluffer is gay-for-pay and a meth addict. He becomes the object of obsession for a male film student who gets a job as his on-set fluffer. It’s dark! It was directed by Wash West and Richard Glatzer.

And this clip featuring Scott's scenes is now making the Internet rounds:


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Did not appreciate giving coverage to the duck dynasty flop but I can see there is always a silver lining!!!!!

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