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Hot Military Service Members 'Service' Bananas: Supercut!

As supporters of our military service members, we're always happy to see them having some good clean fun on their downtime. And what could be more wholesome than enjoying a girthy banana? Our boys (and gals??) have to get their potassium somewhere.

Our friends at The Gaily Grind have compiled this stimulating super-cut of our servicemen embracing their inner Deep Throat with the fruit of our their choice. 



Image Source (H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Well you know if they can't shoot the enemies they can always deep throat them that will get them I love the end guys he's sexy Daveo Falvoe I loved this 

We pay them to do this?  I must have missed the handsome ones

damn that's hot

RIP dirty old DADT.  I hear from some service members that those who have come out in military risk life and limb from those that are not on board.  We need sensitivity training to eliminate discrimination for those that are OUT.  I have  even heard of a few accidental on purpose fratricide stories.    

Good thing gays are allowed to serve openly in the military now since there are obviously so many of them serving alread.

Least they're defending our country while your doing......what I would gladly go to war with someone like him rather than a bigot like you

Potassium---it's good for your "bones" & joints :) .....

As sexy as it may seem, I still can't avoid thinking how dangerous that is. Should that banana break while lodged deep, he could choke to death.

Pretty sure they're not deep throating it into their windpipe.. Just sayin

I've seen it happen before, just a small tip of banana gets pinched by the esophagus and it prevents the windpipe from opening.

then someone would have to perform the hineylick maneuver. lol

Damn, how can they ALL be soooo handsome?

That's not the first time he's deepthroated something that big.
Nobody does that the first time without choking.

Hahahahahahaha, its kinda funny, but definately they need to get their potassium from somewhere.

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