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India's Government Files Appeal To Supreme Court's Gay Sex Ban

India's Justice Minister Kapil Sibal announced today that the Indian government filed paperwork on Friday to appeal the nation's Supreme Court ruling that reinstated a ban on gay sex.

The Supreme Court's ban shocked the world, not only because India is the world's largest democracy, but because acceptance of gays has been consistently on the rise in the country.

BuzzFeed notes that while review petitions are rarely successful, this could be an exception:

Justice GS Singhvi, who authored the ruling, entered retirement the day after it was announced. So a new justice will now be assigned to the case who might be willing to re-open the question.

The fact that the government is bringing this petition instead of the original petitioners, an HIV organization called the Naz Foundation, may also help persuade the judges to hear the case again.

What do you think of this development, Instincters?

It's great to see that the Indian government supports ALL of its citizens.



May civilization triumph!

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