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Grown Up Disney Star Dylan Sprouse's Naked Selfies Leak Online

Dylan Sprouse, the now-21-year old former star of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, responded to his "leaked" nude selfies with a bit of humor on Twitter today. 

"Whoops, guess I'm not 14 and fat anymore," Dylan tweeted after two pics (one without any underwear whatsoever) found their way onto the Internet. He also jokingly added "n00d pic dealer" to his profile. 

Dylan's twin and fellow former Disney star also joked about the leaks with a Tweet that read, "Cold in the shower, eh."

Head here if you'd like to see the rest of Dylan's NSFW selfie:


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oh my god i will never post another comment in this forum again as long as I live..consider all of yourselves deleted, forgotten and forgiven.

Hell yea dinner time

I honestly don't think, in this day and age, that a few naked pictures of a celebrity are going to make a bit of difference in a career. People aren't offended as easily as they once we're, and most likely the only thing that may come of it is more notoriety and possibly some rethinking of the roles he's offered. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was done purposefully to get away from G rated acting jobs. Especially since he's not actually exposed in the pictures.. That seems unlikely to have been the case otherwise. Who knows? Either way I don't think he's going to spend much time regretting the decision. It sure didn't ruin Vanessa Williams' career long term. How many other ex miss Americas can you name? Let alone see regularly on network TV?

Susan, I totally disagree with you although I do respect your opinion. This will not ruin his career at all, especially since he owned up to it. I mean Colin Farrel's career is still thriving after making a sex tape with a gf.

Jerry, thank you for responding in a mature and polite way. I respect and defend your right to speak your mind in here..after all it is a forum designed for people to voice their opinions and have been called such a vile name for speaking my mind really hurt my feelings...I know, I don't know the person and it shouldn't have hurt me but it did. I am still from another world where words had power and you minded what you said to people...not anymore. People throw out the "C" word like it's nothing. That word has NO place in my world and it should have NEVER been said to me. The way you responded is how we all should. You dont agree with me yet you didn't belittle me when making your point...It was just a general comment about todays youth..they don't think before they act..and with social media being pandemic, there are no 'skeletons in the closet" anymore....they are all out in the open and in the light for all to see, hear, taste, lick, stick, post, replay and respond more 'hush hush'...which really makes me sad. Back in the day of REAL movie stars...the Gossip Columnists such as Hedda Hooper protected and defended them. If something unflattering happened, the person could call and plead their caser to Hedda and she would NOT focus on that negative story, instead she would write about something totally different to get the public's attention diverted to another 'shiny' object...Not it's go for the jugular and rip it out, tear it up and spit it out for all to see, hear and feel...Negative media is pandemic and it really makes me sad and leaves me longing for an older time, a more private and polite time when people not only had good manners but they used them.

I'm sorry, but I find it crazy that you seem so offended by being insulted and have been called names when in your original post you were calling some women whores. That is also uncalled for name calling. Furthermore, what you say you want is a time where the stars could do what they wanted and not be called out on it. I'm not saying they should all be spied on all the time for the sake of news and stuff like that, I'm just saying they are being held accountable for their actions. Many today and in older times did many of the same things, except they weren't held accountable for it and now they are.

KIM KARDASHIAN AND PARIS HILTON ARE every sense of the word...they have sold their souls for profit


Lets fuck!!

what I admire is this young man's willingness to own up to what happened, He has talked about, handled it well in my opinion, and is moving on. Things happen when we are young and it is only a celebrity because of their status that such things jump from the average unknown man to the latest sensation. maybe we should follow his lead and move on too.

I agree with you 100%..I have never been to this website but judging from how my one comment was received, I don't think I will be returning but I just wanted to let you know I agreed with your comment. I am confused as to why that young man chose to call me that foul name simply because of what i said. I am confused I guess; they posted a picture with a story then ask us to comment on it. I did just that and was called a cunt for having posted my thoughts...I didn't call the young man any names, I didn't insult his mother. I said making bad decisions at this stage of life will come back to haunt you. It reminded me of the year Vanessa Williams was chosen as Miss USA. Photographs of her modeling in the nude surfaced and she had to turn in her crown. That is all I was trying to say. People today are able to become "FAMOUS" simply by making bad decisions and having them put out for all to see...Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton came to mind because both of those young girls were filmed while having sex. The videos surfaced and to my shock and disbelief, they both became more famous than GOD for a moment...they did nothing amazing, they didn't cure any diseases, they didn't climb a mountain or discover a new species...all they did was lay down, have sex and sell thier video to the internet and BAM...instant fame...Just add idiots. 

OK...that will be my last post in here. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and for those of you that call people names for posting their view points and opinions...may God bless you and keep you safe from your own mouths (and fingers in this case)...My father once told me, 'Be very careful who you step on on your way up the ladder of success because on your way back down  (and you WILL come back down one day), you are going to come across some very angry, stepped on people."

ilove to lick it

Love the way his junk is hanging str8 down. That's my fav.. 

Hot pic 

the nude one is even hotter... 

Where did you see the full nude pic at? I wanna see that one ; p

how sad and desperate this poor young man must be to do something so stupid. This will follow him for the rest of his life..unlike the women who make sex tapes and become instant stars...a picture of a half naked boy/man isn't going to do his career any good. Only females can sell their souls and make themselves trying to do that same thing just look pathetic and desperate! Honestly they are just as stupid as those women but they don't get the same pay check as those whores. I won't mention any names but their initials are Paris Hilton  and Kim Kardashian!.

Actually, while I don't think there was any need for the name calling, I do think that this was unnecessarily judgmental. There is some serious internalized misogynistic views in your comment. All you're doing here is shaming the women who were victims of someone leaking their tape. Ray J actually got more fame from his sex tape, so you're also wrong. More importantly, the you should be ashamed of yourself for such blatant and unapologetic slut-shaming. Women like you are the reason why females struggle so much with embracing their sexuality and enjoy being sexual beings.

What a judgmental cunt you are Susan....this young guy made a stupid choice sending these selfies to a girl he trusted. She posted them immediately. He's in the Entertainment Business. This will not effect him at all. How about looking in the mirror and preaching to yourself bitch?

Dusky,  What exactly are you saying??  Susan made a very well thought out and measured response and you see it as judgemental??  How so??  and you know people will only be called judgemental names like "cunt" and "bitch" so many times before they drop you.  Really, dude, watch your mouth...

Thank you for coming to my defense Jerry. I was shocked to see such a disgusting comment after I had worked so hard to word my comment in a way that was neither offensive nor degrading..I just spoke my mind...young people do things they will ALWAYS regret when they get older...thanks for having my back.


I just re-read my comment and I cannot believe that what i said made you so angry..Seek help

Wow's very obvious you must  be very young to make such a horrid comment to someone you don't even know. I posted my opinion and I went to war to fight for YOUR right to voice your opinion too. I like what I see in the mirror every day but that doesn't make me want to take a picture of myself and post it online for all the world to see.  Calling someone a "CUNT" for voicing their views is very immature and ignorant thing to do. I will forgive you because you obviously weren't taught any social skills. His career in the 'Entertainment' field will be short lived...not everyone can get by on their good looks for ever. One day he is going to have to find employment and when he does, these types of pictures are going to come back and haunt him. Thank you for showing all of us how very immature and ignorant you really are. I bet your mother is very proud of you.

You also said he doesn't know you...well you don't know him either nor do you know any of the celebrities that you verbally just remember that! 

I call hypocrisy here Susan. How is him calling you a judgmental c*nt any different than you calling all those people whores? Then to make matters worse you have the arrogance to talk about his age and upbringing which you know nothing about, you condescending brat. Worse than these crimes however I find you guilty of stupidity for your statement about how male celebrities are different from females because women who use their bodies get rich and famous and men who use their bodies are haunted from their stupid choices. What a load of stupid that statement was. There are many many men in Hollywood who got more famous, more popular, and richer because of their naked bodies. This is nothing new…male nudity has been celebrated since time immemorial. In our modern times I can name some people whose sexual exploits and nude shots got “leaked”, and just got more popular because of it. Colin farrell, Zac Efron, Rob Lowe, & Tommy Lee are just a few of those names. So you are wrong on every count, and if you care going to talk about people not thinking before they act you should remember to do that yourself. The real issue is that today’s youth doesn’t have all of the sexual hang-up’s as the older generations and have no problem or embarrassment of their bodies. So what I say, and this picture isn’t really a full nude anyway, he is covering his genitals. Perhaps you should ask God to put a watch on your lips and fingers as well, and ask His help to stop such negative judgments from entering your heart and mind in the first place. Obviously you can’t see your own fault in the matter and how the energy you sent out in the first place was just being returned to you as Christ said it would. You reap what you sew! It seems from your statement that you not only have a double standard for men and women which makes you silly, you have a type of hatred towards men and their bodies. Perhaps you should seek therapy for that issue! If you can’t see how your statement could make someone angry then you are mentally blind. Your statement was negative and hate filled, but of course you don’t see it…people often don’t see their own faults and how those faults go out into the world and cause hurt. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying what you said and then having the nerve to play the injured party. Hypocrisy… that is what it is….mendacity! While Dusky’s statement might have been harshly put, I find it to be very true! You talk about people selling their souls...that is quite a statement and you should know if it is true or not before you make it. When you judge people in that way, Spirit judges you more harshly, you should remember that! 

Now  ya feel better. I think I will opt out of this particular forum...people here are rude, vulgar and just can't let someone voice their opinions without making personal attacks on thier character. I think Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are WHORES in the higest sense of the word...they have traded their morals and character to be seen having sex on a video tape and because of that negative attention, they are now famous. I just made a simple comment about my views on this and have had nothing but idiots like you go on and on and on and on about how wrong what i said was, how horrible and judgemental a person I am, how i need help. I said that boy needed help for calling someone he never knew a CUNT....good bye forum

i just pointed out that you did the same thing as him....then you want to act like a little girl and play the victim. well boo hoo for are not a victim you just reaped what you sewed. you called them whores and you don't know them...and i am not saying they are or they aren't. he called you a c*nt and you got mad. how are those things any different. you are the idiot not anyone else. you are ugly inside and vulgar for what you said. you are not right and you are not special. you reap what you sew. juvenile and pathetic. now do you feel better having gone in public and calling people whores and then getting back what you put out? do you feel better and more mature now? do you feel validated and justified now? lol grow up!!! and if you are out of here...well hip hip hooray and don't stumble on the way out dear-y! 


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