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PR Exec Justine Sacco Fired After Racist Africa/AIDS Tweet

Justine Sacco's infamous tweet ("Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!") spread like wildfire yesterday and now she's seeing the result. 

Sacco's employers at IAC have given her the boot.

Here's the statement IAC released terminating her employment:

“The offensive comment does not reflect the views and values of IAC. We take this issue very seriously, and we have parted ways with the employee in question.

There is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally. We hope, however, that time and action, and the forgiving human spirit, will not result in the wholesale condemnation of an individual who we have otherwise known to be a decent person at core.”

Think IAC made the right call, Instincters?


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She looks like a dirty cunt who might have a disease FOR REAL!!

She may be reflecting her current health status out of anger towards others.

Look at those lines on her face and over all skin tone.

She looks rough to supposedly look so young.

A joke would be funny. I just don't get the comment at all. Africans don't have sex with white? Whites can't get aids? Aids is funny? I like crass humor.... but her statement makes no sense.

I really don't want to see this idiot on TV with appearing with some fake "heart felt apology".  She's already told her side of the story with this tweet; we don't need to hear anymore.  

When did Aids become a joke?

Cut the bitch 

Grow up people it was clearly a joke.  Her employer is not exactly not known for being serious since they thrive off stupid clips of teens and young adults doing immature and stupid recording. Grow up and stop being pansies and just let people speak.

For example if I could tweet this I will.


"Santa riding on top of a fire truck on blacktop in a few. Hope I don't get mugged. Just kidding Santa's white and I live in a gated community."


I agree a joke is a joke but not sure how I feel about her joke.  I think it was stupid but geesh it's not like she said something bad...people will always thrive off of shit it's the only thing that makes their day.   People relax I'm sure most of you who sent the hate comments are worse than this girl ever will be

A joke... REALLY.  I think she has the right to say whatever she wants to say... and reap the benefits of it OR suffer the consequences. In this case, there have been consequences (i.e. FIRED) as there should be. 

wtf was she thinking? duck dynasty now this..what a week....when will people learn? On a lighter note go see Saving Mr. Banks...great film and great performances by all. Just wanted to share something positive though it has nothing to do with the aritcle here.

Absolutely! I salute them!

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