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GLAAD Facing Backlash In Aftermath Of 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Suspension


The fallout from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's homophobic comments has extended far beyond the star himself. In fact, GLAAD, the LGBT media watchdog organization, appears to be feeling a substantial amount of backlash for its role in holding Robertson and A&E accountable for his statements.

According to TheWrap

“In the five-and-a-half years I’ve worked at GLAAD, I’ve never received so many violently angry phone calls and social media posts attacking GLAAD for us speaking out against these comments,” the media watchdog organization’s vice president of communications Rich Ferraro told TheWrap.

He said those reactions range from those who simply believe as Robertson believes to those who feel that GLAAD and A&E’s actions limit the reality star’s free speech.

“I don’t think this is about the first amendment,” Ferraro said. “I feel it’s more about the America we live in today. That is one where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay and racist remarks.”

Are you surprised by the attacks on GLAAD, Instincters?


Keep up the good work, GLAAD.  The LGBT community needs and appreciates your working on our behalf.

You know GLAAD is complaining about beastiality but they are the ones that were using gerbals in their sex lives were they not?

Really!  How on earth can you perpetuate that myth?

Most of LGBT and GLAAD's about the Fascism, everyone. Think about it. No one's allowed to have personal opinions or feelings about topics on Homosexuality anymore without the other side ready to murder over disagreements. Guess what? It gets old. It will keep getting old, until people stop beating this dead horse. How is it Fascism? Think Chik-Fil-A. Sure, the owner has personal beliefs about Homosexuality being wrong in his eyes, but he never denied anyone rights or denied anyone service. He kept it separate. However, These two supposed organizations, wanted to shut them down, because they weren't supporting them. Well guess what again? LGBT, HRC, GLAAD, and especially FCKH8 EXPLOIT Orientations under homosexuality. They also discriminate against Pansexuals and Asexuals. Yeah, I think these orgs need to STFU now, and stop telling people where they can eat, what they can eat, and who they can/cannot support. Betcha Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will try to spin this into some skin tone bullshark, and claim it as "Race". Our race is Human. So unless we sprout rabbit ears out of our heads, or pom-poms on antennas, it's not the correct word. Lastly for the Believers? Stop living and using Leviticus as some damn weapon. It was made for the Jews to combat Molech/Moloch. Unless you're a Jew, stop treating it as such, and just DO good. There.

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Go to PAX Network , lol Let see how long his hairy ass will last there with his ant-gay and afro-american remarks will last with them lol

Go to PAX Network , lol Let see how long his hairy ass will last there with his ant-gay and afro-american remarks will last with them lol

Do you know he has an African American grandson? He stated, "I worked in the fields and hoe cotton with blacks because I was considered poor white trash and for that reason I didn't see the blacks being mistreated,were always singing in the field"

I have two specific issues with Robertson:  His suggestion that gays participate in bestiality.  His claim to Jesus.  As a studied Christian theologian who is ordained, Robertson crossed the line with those two references.  I have never been "mainstream" gay.  Most people believe that I am straight and I plan to keep it that way.  However, having come out 45 years ago, I understand fully the angst and rage many gay folk feel.  I wrote commentaries against Queer Nation and Act Out and was vilified by many readers because if was a culture-critical exercise.  While Robertson has every right to express his opinion, he also has a responsibility to his employer.  One fact has been lost is all the hyperbole:  He was let go because of his comparing homosexual behavior to bestiality.  The CEO of A&E says he crossed the line with that one.  For me, he crossed the line by claiming to be such a God-fearing man with Jesus is his life.  Sorry.  Doesn't work for me.  He is all too typical of the myopic Christian fundamentalist who wants to live in a monolithic world:  White, heterosexual and male dominated.

Where did you get your degree? To say Jesus would not embrace Phil is ignorance of the teaching of Christ. Jesus would embrace anyone who truly repent of sins and accept him as their savior.

I got my graduate degree from an accredited seminary.  Where did you get yours?  More important, though, is what you appear to ignore from the words of Jesus:  Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.  Judge ye not lest ye be judged.  Beware the wolves who come dressed in sheep's cloth.  Oh, ye hypocrites!   Homosexuality is a sin the eyes of some, but not all.  But, so are many other human attributes.  How about people simply stop tossing around Holy Scripture as if they have a lock on it?  How about seeing the log in your own eye rather than the speck in your brother's?  So quick to judge, but too slow to forgive.

That is my point no one is judging you are any gays. I can't judge you as I am not GOD only he can judge. Just like Phil stated and I have stated in my posts we are not suppose to judge but we have a right to quote the bible just like you did. As, you just quoted the bible what about "Man shall not lieth with mankind." or " Thou shall not lieth with mankind as with womankind, it is a abomination"

When you see a brother or sister in Christ sin and you bring it to their attention, It's not judging: Matthew 18:15 If your brother sins against you go and tell him his fault between you and you alone. I got my degree from 59 yrs of Bible study.

Many people claim to be experts in Scripture after reading and studying it for 'x' numbers of years.  If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk or you are simply all take.  As an ordained theologian, I do my own "preaching" thank you.

Well, you claimed to have a degree in the Scriptures. If you studied the bible, you should know there are several references against homosexuality in both testaments. Tell me where in the Bible it states homosexuality is not sinful. I don't judge because everyone sins, whether a person is a drunk, cheats on their spouse, lie, etc. All of these are in the bible but we are to repent from these sins. If you are gay that is between you and GOD but don't expect everyone to approve of this sin. If anyone approve of this sin, then him or would be just as guilty of the person committing the act.

In other words, you are saying homosexuality is the only sin.  Wow!  I just love the smugness of the self-righteous.  I take it that your point of view is that homosexuals are the only "true" sinners.  End of this discussion.  I have a clear view of your type of "Christian".

You over looked all the sin I mentioned and focused only on homosexuality.

He comes off as a simple soul just standing by the values he has had instilled in him as a child- they don't realize- or care to take the time to- that he is a savvy business man who created a character to sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise....his Duck Dynasty persona is a fraud. People want to embrace forgiving him to make themselves feel like they are compassionate a tolerant

While I do not condone Robertson's comments in any way, I absolutely stand with him and his right to free speech without being bullied in the media. He has the right to say whatever he wants and if his loyal viewers repudiate him, then fine. Because LGBT organizations went histrionic on him as many did​, that has been seen in many circles as bullying and ganging up. LGBT organizations often decry bullying out of one side of their mouth while commiting it out of the other. If you engage in bullying then you have to be OK with it being done to "you" and if that is not the case, why act like the monster you despise? Realize that LGBT free speech is "offensive" to some people out there and I would uphold the right to free LGBT speech without bullying and ganging up. I am a same-gender oriented man. I refuse to call myself "gay" because "gay" has been dirtied by a political connotation that has nearly obliterated the sexual connotation these days and I see too little tolerance from gay organizations, but loads of intolerant bigotry should anyone disagree with the LGBT political straightjacket (sic) that is expected to be worn. I assume my comments here will elicit bigoted, intolerant responses as previous intelligent responses (above) have, but those responses only prove my point and illustrate why GLAAD and others are under fire for their stance. GLAAD how about deciding NOT to be shrill in your tone in 2014 and seek to understand and be tolerant rather than stockpiling for witch hunts? TRULY tolerant people have no problem with free speech. Intelligent people do not feel the need to eviscerate bigots because they realize that letting the bigotry stand makes it seen for what it is sooner. Whereas building a fire and dumping gas on it legitimizes the bigotry.

While your well written comment brings out what you apparently believe to be bullying for the LGBT community and our organizations, I wonder how much you really pay attention at what prompts those "bullying and ganging up" attacks.  I spent the first 40 years of my life standing back listening to the right in this country attack, use propaganda against, distort reports and then attack the LGBT community for finally standing up and saying enough.  While I still take the quiet side, I fully support these organizations when it comes to the vile like words that Robertson used.  His 1st amendment rights have in no way been violated!  He absolutely has the right to believe and to express his views (however mistaken they are) BUT he is NOT protected by the 1st amendement for the consequences of those words.  In his case the vile didn't just stop at the LGBT community where most of the outrage has come from.  A&E has every right to fire him and hopefully they don't cave for the money of this.  The fact this man compared those of us in the LGBT community to those who practice beastality was what took him over the line for A&E and I applaude them.  I'm pretty sure there isn't alot of research on those people who practice beastality but I'm almost willing to bet it is rare for that person to be gay, much like pedophiles, usually not members of the LGBT community and on that one there is viable statistics!!  I for one do not support the boycotts that some of the LGBT organizations support BUT there are those same type of organizations on the right which you failed to compare to.  Those contain some hate groups from the right, FRC, NOM, Million Moms...they all call for boycotts on a regular basis.  Some people believe these work and in some cases they may but as far as Chick F'Lay...well I love their chicken and as long as I continue to donate to my LGBT causes the small amount of my sandwich that is donated to anti-gay organizations are offset (yes I rationalize) by my own money.  One thing I have found interesting is the right start with the whining that his 1st amendment right to free speech was violated THEN after this we proven wrong they moved on to the religious right.....well that to is dispelled with simply paying attention....he continues to have the right to believe what he wants BUT when he goes all crazy his employer has a right to fire him ..... it has absolutely nothing to do with his belief in the Bible and his lies and hate are NOT found anywhere in the Bible....thus no protection from his hate filled lies.  Thank you

It is clear you have not read the Bible or probably practice certain aspect of the Bible. It clearly states homosexuality is wrong.

The Bible says many things are "wrong".  Perhaps you are one of those part time Christians who likes to pick and choose the parts you like so that you can point your finger self-righteously at those you believe have more sins than you do.

So, are you subjecting homosexuality is wrong and yes you are right the Bible does states many things are wrong, the different is acknowledging the sins you have committed and asking for forgiveness. Why get angry did I hit a nerve? I was pointing out just like gays believe they have the right to practice homosexuality. Phil has the right to quote the Bible and disagree with homosexuality. Many gays says they read the Bible but keep stating it does not say it is wrong. Yes, I have sinned as well as everyone on the earth. I have lied, cussed, pre-martial relationship but I asked forgiveness of my savior and it is still a struggle not to sin; that is why I keep my faith in the Lord to keep me strong.


Excellent. I've been saying the same for years, and everyone must stand up against the fascism that today masquerades as liberalism. Freedom of speech seems to mean that I have the right to free speech as long as the liberal (and I include some LBTG groups here) agree with me. Well done for speaking out.

Even though I have watched duck dynasty for a long time now and liked the show. But this is mainly for all the ones that are mad at what A&E did to Phil Robertson, which is to say what you all forget or may not know or remember back in October of this year Phil admitted on many occasions to wanting to leave the show anyways by the end of the year and I feel that he did what he did to give him a way out of his contract and still get publicity as well. Because he knew expressing his own beliefs and opinions would do that.

I am in no way in defending what Phil did or said because A&E had every right to do what they did but it's kind of ironic he does this near the end of the year after the last show of the season of the year was aired.

I have several problems with Robertson.  First, claiming that homosexuals are into bestiality makes me wonder what HE is into.  In my 45+ years as a gay man, I have yet to meet one gay man who hankers for animal booty.  Second, Robertson's claim that he embraces Jesus is heresy.  Jesus would not embrace him.  As an ordained Christian theologian with degrees in business and theology, I can state without equivocation that Robertson is way off the mark (the original meaning of "sin" in Greek).  To me, he is a redneck degenerate.  Frankly, I do not care what Robertson thinks or says.  However, A&E has certain standards they must conform to as does any reputable business.  Those who have rallied around Robertson simply embrace his ignorance, his intolerance and his mean spiritedness.  In my work, if I said such inflammatory remarks and they became public, I would be put on notice, suspended and perhaps fired.  My mother often said, "There are times when one's opinion is best kept to oneself."  Learning more about Robertson's past suggests he is yet another degenerate celebrity.  A&E should have vetted Robertson more carefully.  I have no clue why GQ even interviewed this man, but in doing so they have revealed just how decrepit he is.  Fine!  Feel free to say and perpetuate your narrow-minded intolerances, Mr. Robertson, but remember certain comments made for the general public to read or hear have consequences.  You have a right to free speech.  You do not have a right to a job where the employer does not embrace or support your incendiary and hideous rhetoric.  Your allies and supporters have come forward en masse (Palin, Beck, Jindal et al).  A man is judged by the company he keeps.

This is really not about free speech. Mr. Robertson, would not have had the interview, with the magazine, if it were not for the fact that he and his family are employees of A&E network. They are a family that makes duck callers for a living, apparently very fine ones, I'm told as I do not hunt. Very few of us would even know their names if not for this network, he should have cleared his views and remarks, with the network, before doing the piece in the magazine. He has a right to his opinion, as do us all, including A&E. If I do something that tarnishes the reputation of the company I work for, on or off the clock, there are repercussions, as there should be in this case. I applaud A&E for taking the actions they took. I am a proud gay man, but if I make anti straight remarks, and believe me, there are many that can be backed with the same book he used to back his. I would certainly be disciplined and most likely fired.

Chase you poor uneducated fool.

The comments in particular aren't what I'm upset by. I know he isn't the only person that feels that way. My issue is that when I try to stand proud as a gay man I'm shoving my "lifestyle" down someone's throat. When someone makes hateful or ignorant comments about the LGBT community it is free speech. Why aren't these people supporting my right to free speech when I stand up for myself and take pride as a gay man? I am happy that he is being held accountable for his words. I support A&E's decision.

Hi Matthew - I really appreciate your intelligent response. But I have a question: his statements were just statements from a (popular with the reality-TV crowd) white-trash from the south (his own description of himself). His statements, while rude and vile and ignorant and mean, I don't think, got anybody fired from a job. Our backlash got him fired from his" job". Would it have been more fair for him to get yelled at and derided instead of fired?

And you are SO right about standing proud and being accused of shoving our lifestyle down someone's throat, yet hateful and ignorant comments about us are "free speech" and also "religious freedom". I hope you have many chances to oppose someone ignorant, with your logic, and perhaps enlighten a much-darkened mind. 

"What's wrong with this picture?" I don't watch Duck Dynasty and I for one find even if the comment was wrong.. (Media)  provoked.. The Star of the show should have kept his opinion of about his views to himself -- This is a changing world and people like him need to bite their tongues.. I  don't know exactly what he said but if it was offensive yes he should have been let go..  we need to move on and he needs to appoligize to the audience -- We need to let this go -- what's next racist remaks, --- Our world is changing please remember be thoughtful to your neighbors and your families you could offend them..  1 in 10 is gay, 1 in 10 has birth defect, 1 in 10 handicapped etc... Think before you put your foot in your mouth...

Being a gay person I could care less what anyone thinks of my lifestyle. The more importance you pay to hateful comments the more impact they have on your life. I love the show and will still watch it. I won't let anybody's personal believes become my own, I am my own person...

They are very venomous,I'm not surprise.....

They are very venomous,I'm not surprise.....

Not surprised in the least...  The so-called Christians are vapid and venomous.

I'm gay and I'm a Christian I'm neither vapid nor am I venomous! See people like you dnt understand a thing you think you know something and you lash out bc of your beliefs. How are you going to point fingers at someone that you know was going to say those things; he lives here I'm Louisiana with me we go to the same church and most of his beliefs are mine as well. We read from the se bible but we per sieve them differently. Given the fact that he is a lot older then me and grew up in an unforgiving times, what he said didn't shock me at all! But your remarks are venomous and fake!

You don't feel that Robertson's remarks are vile and indeed vapid and venomous??? This person who sexed and drugged his way through the '60's until he hit rock bottom has the unmitigated gall to point fingers??? He said, in other words, that homosexuality is the WORST sin, and all others follow.......If he grew up in unforgiving times, then he knows the pain of hatred and derision and hopelessness - which many of the gay community feel, and yet here he goes preaching and condemning. He needs to read his bible again. Over and over. Shame on him. And kudos to you for forgiving him. Shame on you for condemning your gay brother, all the while calling yourself Christian.......

Phil mentioned "only God Judge" and he has the right to disagree with homosexuality. Yes, he admitted to drugs and immortality in the 60s; but he changed his ways and accepted Jesus as his savior. Many gays call themselves Christian and claim to read the bible although it clearly states "man should not lieth with mankind". If is funny how gays are upset when someone disagree with homosexuality and try to force people to accept their believe. Maybe Phil should sue GLAAD and A & E for discrimination against freedom of religion.


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