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Studly Soldier Gives His Buddy A Christmas Lap Dance

Mistletoe isn't the only thing hanging in these military barracks!

One soldier decided to share more than the Christmas spirit when he surprised his buddy with a private ass-baring lap dance! 

Our only complaint is that the clip's so short! We wanted to see whether this soldier was more into giving or receiving his Christmas gifts!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



I always said republicans are dicks Wonder how i can raise his trunk

Look at the dude in the background...he seems to like what he sees

Where is the second part?

too cute

Thanks for ruining Christmas, Instinct.

If that's all it takes to ruin your Christmas, I pity you

Lap dance <> this

That was a " far away from his lap " dance

Uh...what is your definition of a "lap dance"?

Looks like weeman's shtick from Jackass

Obviously a giver!!

Do you know what time it is ?  Good one.

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