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Reddit User: 'This Is The Picture I Used To Tell All Of My Facebook Friends That I'm Gay'

A clever Reddit user, RyanSmithN posted the following:

"This is the picture I used to tell all of my Facebook friends that I'm gay."

Think they got the message? Any other fun coming out stories/methods, Instincters?


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So annoyed with there choices for cover guys! they all look the same. Latin/white or white. Our gay community is so racist still. Theres a whole world of amazing men out there. Why the same thing over and over?

Dude, if they are your real friends, they know already. If they haven't grasped on to it, then it will make sense when they hear. And if they are real friends, it will change NOTHING. I lost some friends, but the only friends I lost, I learned they were never really my friends, so good riddance to that. It's all good, bro.

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