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GLAAD Responds To Phil Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Return

GLAAD has responded to the not-so-shocking news that A&E has lifted Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's suspension. Let's not forget that Phil's nine-day "suspension" occurred while the show wasn't even shooting so it will amount to exactly nothing. 

GLAAD says in a statement:

"Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers."

What do you think of GLAAD's response, Instincters?

Should we hold our breath for that dialogue with Phil?


I think he is entitled to his opinion. 

Freedom of speech. 

Why do people of the same opinion have to agree with the gay. 

When not in agreement with them they come out with all their hate for someone who disagrees with them. 

They need to look in a mirror 

and find where some of the hate is coming from. 

Christians should not be attacked for their beliefs. 

You don't attack others for their beliefs. 

How profound!!

He should practice what he preaches!    if he really loves Jesus, then show it rather than tearing down the human spirit of gay or black folks.   Show us the love that Jesus showed...

Phil Robertson & the A&E Networks knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Money & ratings is everything. Most everyone in the US was played like a stereo. My question is this: what will A&E and the Robertson family do the next time to top this?" Wait & see. . .

Joe, you're just another typical inbreed troll that eats out this creep's ass.  I am sure you worship him.  Before you open your mouth on the interet to say such stupid commentary, educate yourself!

You need to valium. Seriously. Stop and actually read what is being posted. His statement doesn't support anyone.

Wow, what did Joe say that made you so angry? I agree that A&E may have orchestrated this controversy to get more ratings, merch sales, ad dollars, ect. That doesn't mean that Joe or I support that. Quite the opposite, it's sickening. So what's your beef?

I believe that A&E was forced into a situation that they had little control over.  I think they tried to make a stand for what is right & good, but as a business in today's USA they were forced to follow "the money".  I am sure there are share holders & advertisers who saw potential for lost profits etc. who put pressure on the studio to drop their suspension of Phil Robertson.  They may find that lifting this suspension is a mistake. 

We, as a community, are not entirely powerless.  We can make ourselves heard by boycotting this show, this channel & we can boycott goods & services that are advertised & sold on, or by this channel & it's affiliates: The company is a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

This controversy has shown us again, quite clearly, that a large part of the US still holds the LGBT community & the African American community in very low regard.  As much progress as there seems to be, there is still a lack of understanding & acceptance that is our undeniable right.

There are too many people, church leaders & other authority figures, who teach & preach that what we are is flawed & perverse.  That our sexuality is a choice & that we are unnatural & against God.  If you are told this all your life, you are likely to adopt this line of thinking.  This is ignorance & the cure for ignorance is education.  We must all strive to educate people that we are no different & that we are exactly who we are supposed to be.  We must stand up, come out, share our stories & spread the truth.  We don't have to just accept this treatment.  We are worthy.

I'm embarrassed to be gay, when every little comment and statement is just blown out of proportion. All this political correctness is disgusting. People are too sensitive these days. Calm the fuck down, America! Of course you have to say something about this. Who cares what they said, stop attacking every person that doesn't agree with you. That's so... CHRISTIAN of you.

I don't recall jesus ever going on rants attacking groups that suffered from oppression that others were telling bald faced lies about. The old ones act apologetic and passive. the young ones, like me, have suffered pain and suffering and degredation from all side for simply asking for equal treatment under the law. God forgive me if the gloves come off after decades of defemation hate speech

Its sad when some gays fail to understand the ONE IMPORTANT principle of this ordeal.  Those who find embarrassment in being gay are selfish trolls who feel entitled to set themselves apart when it suits them and not fight against the hate and injustice.  I call them cowards.

"Anonymous" is just saying things to get us all riled up, yet doesn't have balls to show his or her face & name...NOT SURPRISING!!! 

poor little gay people. Mad because people have the right to question their self-destructive ways. 

Poor little gay people!???? 

How idiotic of you to say such a thing. I don't give a crap about how you live your life so I'm not sure why YOU and others LIKE YOU are so worried about  how other people are living their life..

the only thing about gay being self destructive is because of family members or people who don't even know you constantly telling us and everyone else, I'm sure, how they should be living. What is it to you?  How does it hurt YOU for gay people to just want to live their life?  

Maybe someone should open your closet and rattle some skeletons you've been hiding.  But then, I'm sure no one cares.

that being the point if the whole thing.  

But your attitude isnt? People, it's not so much about the fact that it was towards gays, blacks, fat or tall or purple or green people, when you are a public figure such as Phil you should learn what is appropriate to discuss with the audience who will be watching. You my friend have alot of searching to do within bc you seem to be very angry towards a certain community.

Not mad that he is " questioning" our ways. Just mad that an idiot like Mr. Robertson has become a hero. It just shows that America is still a rascist, homphobic place and the lunatics are in charge.

No, not mad because people have the right to question - angry that smug, hateful bigots still think their words are socially acceptable....

Being gay is not destructive. What is destructive is ignorant bigots like you and phil spreading hate towards others. All because a book that a made up deiety dictated to a author to tell you what to think. I can think of another person who targeted a specfic group of people because he did not think they fit into his ideal of his faith remember Adolf Hitler we all know how that turned out. People like you are quick to back up hate or deny rights to others until its done to you. The it's a they cant take ny rights or opinions from me but its ok for you to encourage it being done to others.

Those who stand against the hate spewed out by Phil Robertson must take action.  There is a petition on Facebook, "Boycott A&E Until Duck Dynasty is Dropped".  I am not gay but I have many gay friends and will defend them until my dying breath.  Allowing this man to keep his family's show is an outrage.  A&E are sending the message they let Phil Robertson off the hook after being bullied by his hate mongering supporters. 

Yes I saw the petition on Facebook, "Boycott A&E Until Duck Dynasty is Dropped" and encourage everyone to go on the Facebook page and click on like.  Encourage all of your friends and family members.  It's outrageous A&E caved in to the bullying by the extreme religious right and does allow Phil Robertson's hate speech comparing gays to terrorists and being gay to bestiality to go unchecked.  When someone makes such extreme antigay comments, it doesn't end there.  I've encountered enough antigay zealots like him in my lifetime to know better.  We have to all say enough is enough.

I cannot wait until one of his grandchildren come home to tell Phil they are marrying an African-American or that they are gay! Then we will see how much he keeps those hateful beliefs! Karma is a bitch only when you are one!!

there is this idea that religious freedom and freedom of speech included the right to ignorance as well! therein lies the problem. that we entertain their ignorance as equal to the facts! sure let this fraud have his moment of stupidity but then counter it with education and facts! the best way to silence people like phil is to shower them in knowledge of their ignorance!

If the LGBT community and organizations do not engage in immediate, decisive, impactful action against A&E and the advertisers who support this show, we will be sending the message that this type of hate speech and bigotry is still acceptable. If our response is tepid or "accommodating" to A&E's agenda of keeping this bigot on their network, we will be unworthy of all the advances our community has made in achieving equal rights and equal justice. If hate speech is to be condoned and accepted just because it's author is "popular", then maybe we should pull Bull Connor out of his grave and give him his own show on A&E, because his bigoted, immoral views and attempts to marginalize Black Americans were overwhelmingly popular during his era as well. An immoral majority cannot be allowed to oppress an entire class of innocent minorities. It's IMPERATIVE that this not be allowed to stand!!

Hear, hear!

Its the exact same thing I have wrote to rhe executives of a&e. They have choose profits over people.

I find GLAAD's response a bit tepid...   And the haters keep on hatin'....

I totally agree with GLADD!

I wholeheartedly agree with GLAAD

Meh, I guess they felt they had to say something.

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