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John Barrowman Smacks Down Online Abuse Following His Same-Sex Marriage

Don't come for Torchwood actor John Barrowman unless he sends for you!

The out actor, who married his partner Scott Gill on July 2, has been targeted with homophobic messages in the wake of his nuptials and he's not putting up with it. 

Barrowman says

"I don't get it. Some of the comments were outrageously vile. Quoting lines from the Bible. I won't tolerate it. People like that are banned on my Twitter account. I tell them to f**k off. People have a right to their beliefs but it doesn't mean they have to be nasty and deny other people their human rights. The world is not going to change and fall apart because a gay couple got married. It's a way for us to celebrate our love. That's it."

Homophobia? Ain't nobody got time for that! 


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John, you are my new hero!

You look like a fabulous couple congrats 

Anyone who must denigrate another in order to validate their faith and beliefs only proves how weak and insecure that person is in their own faith and beliefs.

Never mind them John your above these deranged people, and remember your Scottish thick skin. The two of you look "Pure dead brilliant"

According to the Bible I ve been taught there judgement of us makes them just as guilty of the same sin.

It's the lowest common denominator for religious fanatics to focus primarily on others' sex lives, love life, and private lives to point out the "splinter in their eye while there's a log in their own."  It's as if they think that's the only ''sin'' worth mentioning. Hmm, sounds like to me they just like the gossip aspect of it, and it makes them feel holier since they wouldn't do such a thing. When it comes to coveting their neighbors' property or bearing false witness, they don't even notice such "transgressions."  Let them drown in their own spit. They're miserable people and there's no way they are tuned in to any kind of God I ever learned about. 

Don't care about those who believe in hating others while proclaiming they love god! That is hypocrisy because god does not teach hate.

Amen to that

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