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'Good Morning America' Anchor Robin Roberts Comes Out

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, who inspired millions through her brave battle with cancer, has publicly come out for the first time. 

In a letter posted on her Facebook page, Roberts reflects on the past year and her recovery and acknowledges her girlfriend, massage therapist Amber Laign.

Robin writes:

Flashback 12/29/12....Hard to believe this was 1 year ago today..when I reached a critical milestone of 100 days post transplant...and KJ was finally allowed to come back home.

Reading this comforts me and I hope the same for you: "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."

At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude.

I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health.

I am grateful for my sister, Sally-Ann, for being my donor and giving me the gift of life.

I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together.

I am grateful for the many prayers and well wishes for my recovery. I return every one of them to you 100 fold.

On this last Sunday of 2013 I encourage you to reflect on what you are grateful for too.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Peace, love, and blessings to all..XO

According to an ABC spokesperson (via Variety):

An ABC News spokeswoman said Roberts has been in a ten-year relationship with a woman named Amber Laign, a massage therapist in private practice originally from the Bay Area, and noted that the two had met through mutual friends. Laign specializes in helping people recovering from injuries, the spokeswoman said.

Congratulations on publicly opening up, Robin!! We're wishing you a happy and healthy new year!


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Very good article, I disagree with this statement.

Robin ,  l've  been a fan of yours for a long time now,and l say thank you for being you,  good luck to you both , much happiness  and  l hope your New Year will be the best ever. Love from a fan!!!!

I don't EVER comment on these issues in a forum because I think they are a breeding ground for controversy. As a born again believer in Jesus Christ I would only like to say this. We have all read that the Bible says..."the fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, and liars will not inherit the kingdom of God, which were some of you." The bible wants every human being to know that they are valuable to God. John 3:16. I am not pro homosexuality, but I love people. I respect people. We ALL need to stop hating. Robin good for you in your battle against cancer. God has a plan for your life.

Congratulations to a wonderful, beautiful woman. Welcome to the family, Robin!

Worst kept secret ever.

Those people who quote the Bible as God's word are deluding themselves and using the Bible as a crutch for heir own narrow, homophobic, discriminatory or self-serving views.  No "God," if, in fact, there ever was such a creature, ever sat around writing a book! The Bible is a collection of myths written by men, used to explain that which, at the time, could not be explained, or to support personal views or interests. So much hatred and disdain has been perpetrated by those people who profess to be followers of the biblical "word." There is far more truth in the words of PT Barnum: "there's a sucker born every minute!"

Agree 100%. Besides The Bible also says to never cut your hair. Guess believers only believe in hate passages. What fools.

I don't think anybody actually thinks God say down and wrote the Bible. If that is what u imagine id suggest broadening your horizons just a smidge.and just as many ppl stereotype ppl who are homosexual...u are also one of those people. Congratulations lol you're officially part of a hate group. Now aren't u proud? So were the natzis.

God bless you Robin, as she/he/it has already done with surviving Cancer and all the other trials and tribulations of being a black Woman in this world we live in.

As for those that "judge" you via their beliefs, no matter how prejudicial they are, I quote a very great old comedienne, Sophie Tucker.

"Opinions are like a**holes.... everyone has one...and nobody wants to hear from them!!!" 

You rock, and I wish you all the goodnes in life you and Amber both desirve!

Robin, you are an inspiration to so many, for going public with your health struggles ... Which gave many, many others hope with their own health issues. I am glad you have Amber to love ... Everyone needs and is entitled to live their life in a way that makes them happy. May you go forward and enjoy much peace of mind. Congrats and best wishes!

Robin-you have and are an inspiration to many,including me !! I'm not sick/cancer etc that I know of -for after 28 years @ a great ,small co my husband worked(electrician) & had great insurance,now we don't -his job now (small 3 persons) co., no insurance. Scarey-I hvnt been for mammogram/gyno dr in 5 years now-lots o friends my age getting breast cancer! Any way..... Proud if you for telling abt your gay & girlfriend of many years! I am a Christian and what I say & tell people(I have gay friends,myself) is WE ARE TO LOVE EVERYONE AND NIT JUDGE ANYONE. GOD IS OUR CREATOR AND LIVES US ALL AND I THINK PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR OWN LIFE N STOP WORRYING/SLASHING GAY OR ANYTHING !!!! I agree we have freedom of speech& that's s"posed to be America-but good grief -at all who are quick to judge!!! There's lots of things in the Bible of do's n donts -Robin ,so glad you're getting well & helping others etc! God is smiling down on you!! What a wonderful woman you are:-) ! Keep in "keepin on!" You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone deserves to be happy, and I can't wait for the day that who we choose to be with is accepted unconditionally instead of being judged. Robin Roberts is a class act; best of luck to her for a long and happy life. 

All I can say is this!! Your struggle with cancer inspired many, your words of love to millions never go unnotticed. To all those that are quoteing the Bible I agree with you it is wrong, it says so in the Bible. BUT God loves all sinners and would love for ALL his children to turn away from sin and be washed in the blood. But also how about you love the sinner and NOT the sin. I agree with God all should turn away from unclean sins. But instead of Judgeing because he that is with out sin should cast the first stone, and if we but judge ourselves daily we would not need GOD to judge us. I agree with someone who said that this country is going down hill by making allowences. Well SIN enterend the world, we are but fleshly humans with fleshly desires. SIN IS SIN, weather its being Gay, or pornography, or lust, or EATING TOO MUCH, or lying or stealing, or wishing you had your neighbors boat or car, or wished that people would die, or anything that is WRONG. So please before you cast your JUDGEments make sure your living your life as PERFECT as JESUS did here on earth!!! 

Sweets beautiful Robin! I a black woman married to a black man who cried with you as you went through your struggles with your health . Today we celebrate you!!! WE LOVE YOU . 

Of course God is love! But his word the Bible says it's wrong so he's already stated this!!!! He made a woman to be the companion to a man!!! God loves the sinner not the sin!!!! 

You are one amazing woman! Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and Amber years of continued happiness.

Well versed in the Bible...and if you were, you would also know that you will be measured by the same measuring stick you use...we are no one to judge...that is for God to do with all of us...including you!

So glad to see and read that you are well and happy, Robin!  God bless always!  To everyone commenting negatively about her relationship, I say this: it is not our place to judge anyone for any reason...secondly, she didn't owe it to anyone in this forum or in the world to share her personal many of us publicly announce our love for someone, straight or otherwise? Why not? Because it's nobody's business, that's why! She made a choice to make it public and that took courage, no like my dad would say "cojones" to do considering the ignorance that still exists. Before throwing a stone, take a look at your glass house. Your private life, I am certain, is not 100% godly. So, stop it!

GOD's Word says it's wrong!!!! Read the BIBLE much!!!!

And of course, the reply is Anonymous!!!!  Really?  Judge not lest ye be judged!!!  Get a life and leave the judging to God....HE loves EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!  God also looks at your heart and what is IN it...perhaps you should remember that!!!  God is LOVE!!!!!

You only understand what those in power want you to believe, taken out of context, the context of the times in which it was written, you are mean spirited and close minded and judgemental to have said this to anyone on planet earth.. Learn something about the bible on your own, look around at the history of the texts and to whom they were written and about what they were written.  Try Homosexuality and the bible and read it.  Open your little mind

Much love and happiness to you Robin.   You're such a beautiful creation of the God of us all.

Peace and health to you.

welcome home Robin.  you and I share the same way of love and the same birthday as well.

Dear Robin,

You are a survivor and very courageous in you public battle with breast cancer.  I think it's wonderful that you were acknowledged everyone that helped you through your recovery.   I know how difficult it can be to "come out" but you did the right thing by your girlfriend. Good for you!!!

Omg...... This is so disappointing!!!! Why does ppl constantly think being Gay is ok in God's eyes!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA IT ISN'T!!!!!

Maybe they just don't care what your imaginary friend thinks.

It's interesting how a mere human thinks they know how God thinks or feels.  God created all living things including gay people.  If you don't learn in life how to accept all people, God will put something in your path in order to have to look at it through a different lens. (ie a gay child of your own.)  Love and kindness is the answer. Everything else is judgement. 

Robin, we LOVE you!!

Sending positive vibes! Good health and happiness to us all!!

Thank you Robyn! Ibam a family survivor of breast cancer.. The disease took my mother when she was a young 45 and I was a youngster of only 12. I am also a lesbian and I find strength and the message of love through your words and story. May you always feel the joy and love that surrounds you. You are right.. It is the Present moment we Have to learn to live in!

So sad! So so sad! What a big let down!

Robin, god bless you and thank you for sharing.  Love is a beautiful, God has blessed you and to 'Everyone' that has chosen to use scriptures to judge, read them all and not be selective.  His thoughts are NOT our thoughts and his ways are NOT are ways, period.  Jesus also said that we love one another, period.  With that being said, from a woman that is not gay....Robin, we love you, we will continue to support you, GMA and all your efforts.  You have blessed our lives.  Love, Love, Laugh and Live!


If you don't have anything positive to add, say nothing. Your negativity is not needed nor wanted. 

The very BEST to Robin!

Don't be a douche. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Gay love and relationships don't have any effect on your love and relationships. Get your head out if the sand.  

I'm the property of Christ . What god hath brought together let no one put asunder.  

Best wishes

God don't bring two women together !  God don't bring two men together !  God bring's man and woman together !  God says it is a abomination for a man to lay with a man.  It's funny how people believe what they want to believe when it comes to God's word.  Sin is sin !  Matters if you are a good person or a bad person.  God will NEVER !  NEVER !  change what He has spoken !  For the Bible says "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.   LEVITICUS 20:13   That's what God said...Amen                                               

WOW....instinct ran a story on someone who is gay and black??!! OMG!! lol...what a joke.


love comes in all shapes ,sizes etc... I'm happy you waited till you felt the time was right as I have done the same. I wish you and Amber what your mother would have wished you. Stay well and be strong my friend. 

Sincerely ,


yay robin!  your strength is admirable.  all the best to you and your love!  

I am so proud of you for the decision you made to come out.  Congratulations!!  I wish you and yours and Happy, Healthy, and FANTASTIC New Year!!

I'm a lung cancer survivor and if it wasn't for my partner I wouldn't have made it.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and makes our love stronger. Bless you and Amber. And thank you

You should be with who you love. Best of luck your amazing

I am SO i love with you! I was so inspired by you throughout your health issues. I prayed you would be okay. I thought you were so heroic with sharing your experience with us in order to inspire others. I may be in love with you, but I am a gay Now that you once again share this part of your life... you are even more my hero. One person can change the world...and you have done it at least twice. Best wishes and you make me proud!

Don't be too hard on people who don't agree with others lifestyle. Try learning to respect each other opinion. God loves all of us

It will be 2 years May 2014 for me. Breast cancer was a sticker but I showed it who was going to win!!!!!

Robin, always remember that their will be people who like and dislike you in the world regardless of your preference. There are many individuals around the world who love and have been inspired by you, including me! So only focus on the good and continue to be faithful n positive as you are and that's all that matters Robin. We love you!!!

Robin, you are an inspiration to so many people. I admire your courage in coming out. I know being a public figure, it was not an impulsive decision but one that took bravery. I am from New Orleans where your sister Sally Ann is an anchor on WWL and I watch her every morning, she has the biggest heart i know and is filled with so much kindness. I watched her segments during your recovery and felt as if I were there recovering with you. May you and Amber have a life filled with much love, joy and many blessings. 

Robin and Amber, congratulations on feeling strong and secure enough to be who you are.  Fighting Cancer is difficult enough without having to keep secret who you love and who supports you.  God bless you both!

Robin, you courage is inspirational. I have prayed for you though out your illnesses. I am so grateful you have the integrity to include all aspects of your life. You have always been open and frank regarding very personal aspects of your life. I support and love a very beautiful daughter who is gay. She is beautiful and strong. I would be heartbroken if she choose not to share her whole self because she is an amazing woman who dedicates herself to teaching special education. So good for you Robin !! 

Congratulations! Best wishes :)

Happy New Year Robin,  I have admired you for a very long time,  your love and care always showed in your sweet kind spirit.  So happy for you and Amber.  

Finally!! So happy for you! Stay happy & healthy!

Way to go, Robin.  Your courage during your breast cancer ordeal and the bone marrow transplant has inspired so very many women in America and Canada and the world.  Now you have helped change the world.  My daughter and daughter-in-law will be so proud of you.  I watch every morning and love GMA.  Happy New Year to you and Amber and God Bless.

Good for you!  Welcome to a healthy and happy life of freedom to be who we are!  Big hugs to you both! 

Congrats Robin on your emergence into this brave new world.

love fans wm craig and craig howard tisman-hicks

CONGRATULATIOS ROBIN AND AMBER.  I hope that this announcement can allow you both to enjoy public life that enables your love to grow even stronger.  We love you Robin and know that Amber must be pretty special to have committed 10 years together,  with last few being a real challenge.  

Everyone  deserves to love and be loved,and to be happy.

Awesome. Much love and happiness to you. You are my inspiration. The strength of you has been amazing. Happy New year Robin

I love her. God bless :)

We love you, Robin. Congrats to you and to a long life!

Congratulations to Robin Roberts for feeling safe enough to make such a statement. It's a statement that all gay people I know fear making to their families no matter how understanding their families are before they come out. To be a public person must make it even more frightening.

Way Too Go Robin , You Are A Beautiful , Kind Person . Love Too You And Yours <3

I love you !!

Y'all crazy ass hell! And goin to hell!

Sally, I'm so sorry you carry such hate in your heart. Try to respect yourself, God, and all the courageous people who are honest with themselves, their families, and in Robin and Amber's situation....the world!! 

My heart breaks for Robin and Amber to have to endure such horrible things said, and thought by people like you. They have been through so much, and now honesty will open a whole new, and exciting world for them. 

Congrats Amber and Robin.   Sally go and love your family, then ask yourself if the situation was reversed, would you be ok if people judged you??  I think not!!!

thank u sally, we love you too

<bump> Lol! Hugs, Sally - I'll pray for you ;) Good for you, Robin!! <3

what an awesome role-model you are, Robin.
HAPPY new year!

thank you, robin. 

Congratulations Robin!! Best wishes for your continued improving health! As well, my your relationship continue to grow in love, respect & good times!!

Live, love, and laugh is my wish for you and Amber in this new year and forever.

Lisalee is not well versed, lacks cultural investment. I suggest you not waste your time.

Kudos to you Robin for living your true life. We love you!


i love you! Never change!!

God Bless you Robin! Finally answers to my question of who is the lucky person that gets to share a life with Robin Roberts? I hope now, you and Amber can publicly enjoy a long life together,  full of love and happiness.  I love you. You are truly an inspiration to so many. 

Authenticity, Integrity and Gratefulness. God Bless!!!

Congratulations and good wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy new year

Thank you Robin. You are changing the world...

Way to go Robin. You're an inspiration to us all.

Robin, you have always inspired through your battle with cancer and your compassionate presentations of the stories of others. Thank you for continuing your stride of positive influence. You are admired on my screen and off.

way to go Robin and thank you, God Bless you for setting a positve image for LGBT people to see and for closeted children, you are a super awesome person and we are all blessed to know you, happy New Year Robin!!!


Thank you for coming out publicly.  Welcome to the gang, so to speak.


Steve and Steve

You are simply amazing.


You are loved and admired!

Robin, I've watched ur show from Canada and wanted to say this news makes me want to watch GMA more now . Congrats to u for living ur truth 

Because she has a girlfriend she is out of the closet? I have a long term girlfriend of 20 years but not gay? I dont see anything about sexuality in her post so how did you relate that to Her sex life? Heterosexual people don't walk around announcing who they have sex with. Not sure we people . It is necessary to share who you have sex with. Im sorry I dont get that at all. Whatever happened to privacy?

Men and women have lived freely for many, many years together in relationships/marriages.  You knew who they were because they would be introduced as husband and wife.  It's a sense of pride to be able to announce who you plan on spending your life with.  For gay people it has been a struggle for many, many years to not live as freely.  We now feel as though we can share with people who we are proud to be with!  It's that simple.  Don't be so hateful!

Listen to the new pope.  He is not here to judge.  As long as you worship "A" god, that is all that matters.  Our judgement will come on our final day!

There is too much hate in this world.  Whether it's Robin's "girl" friend or girlfriend, it does not matter.  What matters is that this person stood by herself during a very difficult time in her life.

End of story!

Lisalee. Read between the lines. Long time girlfriend? 

Isn't it the same thing when a straight man or woman says they have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or even wife. Can't you just be happy for someone instead of moaning about it.

Lisalee: It is not about who we have sex with. With your not being a member of our community (LGBTQ), it is tough to understand. You don't have to "get it", it's ok.
With the majority of society being heterosexual, heterosexuals do not need to explain themselves.
However, when you grow up being told who you are is wrong and you should change, "coming out" becomes a big deal. When you're in a public position as Robin is, this public declaration is courageous and inspiring to other members of our community.

Well that makes a lot of sense. I bet that is hard to deal with. I dont know how I ended up on Instinct except one of my gay friends posted this announcement on my FB page. Notice I said friend.... I really dont care... I love everyone the same. I still think its ok for me to voice things I dont agree with or have questions about. I feel like the gay community gets too upset with people that disagree. I just like there are people that live it and agree there are going to be those that disagree and dont live it. Hate is wrong regardless but disagreement is not

Here's what you're not understanding, Lisalee. Being gay is how we were born just like you were born (presumably) straight. So when you say the gay community gets too upset with people that disagree, you're talking about people who disagree with who we are. If I said all women were inferior, only on Earth to support a man therefore deserving no place at the table that would upset you. Would it not? It is not about agreeing or disagreeing with it because that is who we are. If you disagree with me being a human being, there is something wrong with you, not me.

Well Bruce if you felt that way about women that would be your opinion. Wouldn't make me angry at all as people are entitled. I know people that were not born that way but chose it. That was out of their mouth not mine. Chosen by hurt. Then you are right there are some that were born that way. Hence disagreement or discussion would be natural. I dont think it has anything to do with not being human. Once again I read haste in that post. Like I mentioned previously, I love everyone. God is the only opinion I care about when it comes to my life so.......

You may not be aware of it but straight people DO announce who they had sex with. When someone says "husband" or "wife" or refers to the mother or father of his or her children, it is a pretty clear announcement of who they sleep with.

Honesty, I am sick of all the heterosexuals rubbing our noses in their sex lives. I do not need to know that they are married or have children--keep all that sex stuff private please!!!!

You may not be aware of it but straight people DO announce who they had sex with. When someone says "husband" or "wife" or refers to the mother or father of his or her children, it is a pretty clear announcement of who they sleep with.

Honesty, I am sick of all the heterosexuals rubbing our noses in their sex lives. I do not need to know that they are married or have children--keep all that sex stuff private please!!!!

No comment

As long as you don't say you are a wife or mother and push your sexual orientation on us, you are welcome to say anything.


She didn't discuss sex, you idiot. She spoke (and ABC confirmed) of her long-term relationship with a female. YOU'RE the one that stupidly jumped right to sex. Grow up!

Well I didn't see the confirmation from GMAIL. Just because I disagree does not mean im stupid or an idiot. Believe me I am far from that. Im really tired of hearing about peoples sexual preferences cause it really doesn't matter. Comments eluded to sexuality. Control yourself. That was so ridiculous for you to comment like that. No hate on my end cuz you just dont know better.


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