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AMC Theaters Across U.S. Will Run Anti-Gay Movie From 'Focus On The Family'

AMC Theaters is facing backlash from LGBT leaders this week after word leaked that its chain theaters across the U.S. will give screentime to a film from anti-gay hate group Focus on the Family. Irreplaceable, a documentary that follows an opponent of marriage equality as he "seeks truth" on the family from some of the country's most vitriolic anti-gay bigots, will show at AMC Theaters on May 6, 2014. The "experts" interviewed for the film include like anti-gay Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, ex-gay advocate Dr. Miriam Grossman, and Prop 8 supporter Michael Medved.

This short trailer (which only includes a fleeting mention of marriage equality) has started running in AMC Theaters:

Feel free to contact AMC Theaters here.


AMC has a right to show it as they are a public venue. That doesn't mean they will not feel the repercussions like every other business that has made such a narrow minded choice. Agree with Joe that they won't make a dime on the film AND they will lose business at least temporarily when the backlash begins.  

I look forward to seeing this movie.  Focus on the Family is a great organization and has helped me and countless others in their marriages and in raising our families.  How about waiting to actually see this movie before you pass judgement.....

Where do we send a protest to AMC?

A hate group like Focus on the Family is not going to say anything nice.  Why would AMC give them a platform for spreading hate?  Free speech is our right, but there's no obligation to help spread evil dogma. 

I didn't hear anything against marriage equality but I know the company growing up southern baptist I believe the film might show a negative look on gay marriage/families but freedom of speech! Don't condemned because of their right to say what they want. Just kill them with kindness :)

Hmmmmm.....while I certainly did not find anything in the trailer to be offensive or vitriolic or of a rhetoric that foments hatred, the fact that this comes from a vitriolic, hatred-fomenting, offensive hypocritical organization make me think that somewhere in this film, there will be.....

It would be senseless to expect a film from Focus on the Family to include a committed gay couple. Perhaps Michael Moore or another quality film-maker can create a good, responsive, film, that would also be shown in AMC theaters? Supposedly, AMC is a company committed to equality and acceptance........

I used to work for the company, and it was really tough to leave.  I find this really strange for AMC. The culture they have cultivated and what they promote is equality and acceptance for everyone.  They rank on the HRC listing consistently as a company that values it's LGBT employees and communities.  Would be interesting to see what is happening behind the scenes (no pun intended) about this obvious flap in judgement.

I don't find it offensive at all. Although it does say one man and one woman. Well that's great for the heterosexual community. Even the gays came from one man and one woman. Although It would have been nicer to also show a devoted gay couple.

You need love to live....... Love one to another ....... Dont mundo sexual preferences, religion, color...... Simply love one another.....

To quote the child..."you need love to live" no other definition needed. Jesus taught love, love and love. One day people will wake up and accept that simple truth...just love one another.

why does this need to be in theaters? direct-to-VHS would make more sense. 

VHS?? LOL uhm I think you mean video. If it went straight to VHS I doubt many people could see it as most people have thrown out their VHS players.

That was the point. These people are so backward that VHS is probably their primary video format.

Let them run it. Those films do crap at the box office. You know why? Because most churches bus in their flock to see this film and they won't even buy water from the concession stands. AMC won't make a dime for that film.

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